What is a Project Charter in Project Management?

A project charter is a document that outlines the goals, boundaries, and key participants (stakeholders)  of a project and serves as the team’s road map.

The Project Charter serves as a declaration that management has endorsed the project manager and approved the project. It is employed by organizations to publicize and publicly approve the beginning of internal projects. Upon project approval and using the results of the feasibility study, the charter is developed.

The purpose of the charter is to describe the project to stakeholders in the organization and establish the project manager’s authority to gather and make use of resources.

The Project Charter highlights the owner’s requirements. It outlines the purpose and scope for undertaking the Project. It may also include Project Key deliverables, milestones, assumptions and constraints, potential risks, and problem areas.

  • It is also called a Preliminary Statement of Works.
  • The project Charter comes in all sizes and shapes

The contents of the Project Charter will vary with the size, complexity, and importance of the project. It may briefly address the following aspects relating to the project

  • The Project Name
  • Project Mission/ Purpose
  • Objectives and constraints
  • Execution Methodology
  • Time schedule of high-level milestone
  • Responsibility of the Project Manager
  • Project Budgeted Value
  • Potential risks and Problem areas

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