About Pretesh Biswas

About Pretesh Biswas


I am a Consultant, Auditor and trainer for the ISO standard ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001.  I  have a wealth of qualifications and experience in providing results-oriented solutions for system development, training or auditing needs. I have helped dozens of organizations in implementing effective management systems to a number of standards. I can provide a unique blend of specialized knowledge, experience, tools, and interactive skills to help you develop systems that not only get certified but also contribute to the bottom line. I have taught hundreds of students over the past 10 years. I have experience in training at hundreds of organizations in several industry sectors. The training provided is unique in that which can be customized as to your management system and activities and deliver them at your facility. This greatly accelerates the learning curve and application of the knowledge acquired. I am now ex-Certification body lead auditor now working as consultancy auditor. I have performed hundreds of audits in several industry sectors.


Consultancy: I have helped over 100 clients in a wide variety of industries achieve ISO 9001,14001,45001, 27001,20000 and IATF 16949 certification.  Industries include automotive, constructions, metal stamping and screw machine, fabrication, machining, assembly, Forging electrostatic and chrome plating, heat-treating, coatings, glass, plastic and rubber products, electrical and electronic equipment, assemblies & components, batteries, computer hardware and software, printing, placement and Security help, warehousing and distribution, repair facilities, consumer credit counselling agencies, banks, call centres, etc.

Training: I have delivered public and on-site quality management training to over 1000 students. Courses include ISO -IRCA approved Lead Auditor, Internal Auditing, Implementation, Documentation, as well as customized ISO/IATF courses, PPAP, FMEA, APQP, and Control Plans.

Auditing: I have conducted over 100 third-party registration and surveillance audits and dozens of gap, internal and pre-assessment audits to ISO/QS/IATF Standards, in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Education & professional certification: IRCA certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001,14001, 45001 and 27001. Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Systems and Marketing. Prior to becoming a business consultant 10 years ago, I have worked in several portfolios such as Marketing, operations, production, QA/QC, and customer care. I am also certified in Six Sigma Black belt.

I am a well-established leading and Independent Management and ISO consultant, working relentlessly to provide excellent consultancy services to grab the highest level of customer satisfaction by developing sustainable systems, offering consultancy services for training, guidance, documentation, implementation, audit, and certification. As a Management & ISO Consultants provide Services for all major Management System Standards. I can assist and facilitate the organizations in obtaining certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, IATF 16949  in the most effective, economical, time-bound and easy to implement manner. I work with the most reputable registrars and certification bodies/agencies to ensure your certificate have the proper national and international recognition. I have achieved a 100% success rate for successful ISO certification. This means that all my clients successfully clear the ISO audit in the first attempt and achieve ISO certificate in the first go.

Once the consultancy is over, you can either get the certification audit done from the certification body of your preference or else I can suggest you the most optimum certification body. During the consultancy, I can ensure that your organization achieves ISO Management System, in the first audit itself irrespective of which certification body carries out the final audit.

Our Services includes

Consulting Services

  • Gap Assessments
  • Project Planning and Organization
  • Process Identification and Documentation
  • System Development and Implementation
  • Management System Documentation
  • Documentation Reviews
  • Pre-Assessments
  • Support during the Certification Process
  • Continual Improvement Process
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Auditing Services

  • Gap Assessment
  • Pre-Assessment Audit
  • Hands-on Practice Internal Auditor Training
  • Maintain your Internal Audit Program
  • Supplier Development Program

 Training Courses


The training is 100% custom-made as per the requirements of your organization. The training follows the most simple methodology and are full of interactions that consist of class presentations, mock audits, conduct opening meetings, audit documents, and records, document their findings, hold a closing meeting and write the audit report. assignments, role play, examinations, etc. ISO has requirements for training which include that all employees understand how their role relates to the performance and its relevance to them.

  • ISO Awareness training
  • ISO Implementation training
  • Internal Auditor training
  • ISO Documentation training

Process of Training

Train the ISO Project Manager & Team Leader

Project managers and Team leaders  are trained on ISO standards and implementation to be more effective leading to a more efficient system and effective implementation process

Train  all employees

Train all employees on ISO and their requirements. Anxiety is caused by not knowing what is going on. Employees need an awareness of:

  • What is ISO and why is your organization doing this?
  • How it impacts their work and how they can impact quality?
  • What opportunities there are for them to help?

Train Your Team

Task team members will need to understand the standard in more detail to do their job correctly.

Train Internal Auditors 

Your team of Internal Auditors will need an understanding of ISO and on ISO Internal Auditing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why should we use your service for implementing ISO management system in our organization instead of trying to implementing on our own?
Companies hire my services for many reasons. An organization may lack the specific expertise, time, experience, or objectivity to perform the Management Systems development work without outside assistance. I will be:

  • Be able to bridge the knowledge and resource gap;
  • Bring experience and insight to your QMS project, considerably improve your chance for success for certification, by preventing any serious mistakes in QMS development and implementation.
  • Fast-track the development process by effectively planning, getting management and organizational support and ensuring adequate resources.
  • Organize and facilitate project deployment and avoid or resolve difficulties.
  • Save time and money by developing an effective QMS, that realizes benefits early and consequently get quicker payback on your QMS project investment.

2. What service would you provide?
I would provide expert consulting, training and auditing services for the different ISO management system standard. My focus is on providing timely and cost-effective solutions for your system development, implementation, training, and auditing needs.

Business management systems – whether for quality, automotive, environmental, or other, are generally not too difficult to implement and get certified. The difficulty arises in truly using it as a tool to improve your business and obtain the benefits listed above to the fullest extent.

My goal is to help you develop business management systems that besides getting certified, improve operational performance and customer satisfaction, reduce business risks and increase profitability. I help you to plan and organize the QMS project activities, help identify and document your applicable processes, recommend process improvements, suggest benchmark practices, provide customized on-site training to the various functional levels within your organization, and conduct internal audits. We also help you develop the entire documentation, depending upon the internal resources you have available to you.


I am proud of my clients, business benefits and organizational success they achieve on the basis of ISO consulting services I provide. The clients are my biggest brand ambassadors  We have a 100% client retention rate and 100% client satisfaction. Clients Testimonials gives us the encouragement to focus on our clients and fulfill their requirements.

Given below are a few of the clients’ testimonials we have received from our clients.

Deepesh Abhyankar,  Owner at Amco Engineering

My attitude to ISO 9001 quality systems has completely changed as a result of my experience with Pretesh Biswas. I now consider an ISO 9001 quality system as almost an essential system for today’s business environment. 

My previous experience with quality systems and consultants had left me with a negative impression – the systems were cumbersome or rigid; the consultants seemed to concentrate on low-level processes and didn’t seem to understand the business demands of the ‘real world’. Three years as a manager operating with the systems that Pretesh Biswas implemented and maintained completely changed my opinion. The focus is put firmly on how the business works and what it wants to do.
Our systems were made to suit and support our business operations, instead of the other way around. They worked extremely well for us, giving us strong management control yet with minimal maintenance, overhead, and paperwork. The discipline and clarity our ISO 9001 system and processes provided meant we could implement new or changed services quickly; management information and control was easily maintained, even during the rapid turnover of personnel.
Pretesh Biswas revised and redesigned our systems through several reorganizations and changes to scope and business objectives. His attitude is practical and solution-focused, combined with a commitment to continuous improvement and to getting the job done.
Getting and maintaining ISO certification involved no extra work, and enabled us to continue to provide an extremely high level of service to our customers, in an environment of almost continual change. Pretesh Biswas  is the first person I’d call for help to implement or improve an ISO 9001 system

Bharat P Akkimi, MR & Quality Manager, Kalyani forge Limited

Pretesh has good exposure to QMS and EOHS requirements. He has taken leadership in the effective implementation of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 at Kalyani Forge Limited.

Laxmikant Thipse, CEO, GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd

Pretesh is very particular about maintaining the quality standards as per ISO requirements. He has very good knowledge about ISO requirements and he has always ensured that the requirements are fulfilled with minimum documentation.

Vikas Dassani, Partner, Dassani Industries

Excellent, more than excellent. We were very pleased with the way Pretesh Biswas worked with us, they were fantastic. We are very pleased with every aspect of the work done by him. For people who do not work in our area of business, it was surprising how quickly and thoroughly Pretesh Biswas understood our operational particularities. We had no idea what to expect, the outcome was excellent as was the communication and support provided by him throughout the process. If you are looking to achieve ISO certification, we thoroughly recommend him.