Example of Media Handling Policy

1 Mission Statement

To meet the enterprise business objectives and ensure acceptable use of its information systems and networks, XXX shall adopt and follow well-defined and time-tested plans and procedures, follow guidelines to ensure the secure management of media to protect sensitive or personal information from intentional or accidental exposure or misuse. Media is anything on which information or data can be recorded or stored and includes both paper and a variety of electronic media. Storage devices include but are not limited to computer hard drives, portable hard drives, backup tapes, DVD / CD media, USB drives and other Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras, fax machines, and photocopiers. When handling and managing information it is essential to understand that maintaining security for both the information and the media on which it is stored is equally important.

2. Purpose

This Policy offers guidance regarding media handling. It is intended to guide and inform personnel and help them understand their roles and responsibilities according to the policy. This policy ensures compliance with legal requirements to keep data secure while disposing of surplus information technology equipment containing data storage devices.

3. Definitions

 Data storage media – anything which stores digital information that can be retrieved. Examples of data storage media include computer hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, data tapes, flash drives, and memory cards.

4 Scope

4.1 Employees

This policy applies to all  Employees, Contractors, and Third Party Employees, who use media of XXX

4.2 IT Assets

This policy applies to all organizational IT assets.

4.3 Documentation

The documentation shall consist of Media Handling Policy, and related procedures & guidelines. The Media Handling Policy document and all other referenced documents shall be controlled. Version control shall be to preserve the latest release and the previous version of any document. However, the previous version of the documents shall be retained only for a period of two years for legal and knowledge preservation purposes.

4.4  Records

Records being generated as part of the Media Handling Policy shall be retained for a period of two years. Records shall be in hard copy or electronic media. The records shall be owned by the respective system administrators and shall be audited once a year.

4.5 Distribution and Maintenance

The Media Handling Policy document shall be made available to all the employees covered in the scope. All the changes and new releases of this document shall be made available to the persons concerned. The maintenance responsibility of the document shall be with the CISO and system administrators.

5 Privacy

The Media Handling Policy document shall be considered as “confidential” and shall be made available to the concerned persons with proper access control. Subsequent changes and versions of this document shall be controlled.

6 Responsibility

The Media Handling Policy shall be implemented by the CISO / designated personnel.

7 Policy

7.1 General

The primary area of concern is the secure management of media to protect sensitive or personal information from intentional or accidental exposure or misuse. The following shall be implemented:

  1. Risks to information and the media on which it resides shall be securely managed throughout the lifecycle of procurement, use, storage, and disposition.
  2. Only government-authorized media shall be used for managing data.
  3. Erasure of information from media shall be done by approved standards and secure disposal of media shall be followed using documented procedures.
  4. Media shall be handled according to the highest level of sensitivity of contained information.
  5. Media shall be protected from theft or tampering.
  6. Where there is re-assignment or destruction of hardware and media, inventory records shall be kept current.
  7. Wiping: is the process of writing data over the hard drive, such that any data stored on the drive are overwritten by the new data and may not be retrieved. Wiping may be carried out at KDCC or at a certified technology recycling facility approved by the management at KDCC.
  8. Destruction: is the physical demolition of the data storage media to render it unusable. “Destroy” is defined as “to disintegrate, incinerate, pulverize, shred, or melt the equipment.” The following specific techniques are required for specific media.
  9. Hard disk drives, flash drives, memory cards – strike with a heavy object until the drive is verified inoperable. Scraping away recording media with a sharp object on hard disk platters is an acceptable alternative.
  10. CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, data tapes – shred or break into multiple pieces.
  11. Compliance: Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the unit directors of Information and Instructional Technology Services.

7.2 Removable Media Policy

XXX’s staff may only use XXX’s removable media in their work computers.  XXX’s removable media may not be connected to or used in computers that are not owned or leased by the XXX without explicit permission of the XXX IT staff.  Sensitive information should be stored on removable media only when required in the performance of your assigned duties or when providing information required by other state or federal agencies.  When sensitive information is stored on removable media, it must be encrypted in accordance with the XXX’s Acceptable Encryption Policy.

8 Enforcement

Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subjected to disciplinary action in line with the HR Policy.

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