User Registration and De-registration Procedures

The following procedures refer to the preparation required to ensure new employees gain access to network and e-mail facilities as quickly and safely as possible on commencement of employment. It also details the process required when removing an individual from the system e.g. when an individual leaves their employment with XXX.

User Registration

  • The IT Department helpdesk should be contacted at least 2 days before a new user commences employment by that person’s line manager.
  • Required information will be the user’s full name, where they are based, start date, and whether they will need access to any specific systems. When the registration is processed, the helpdesk will contact the individual requesting the new registration, to inform them of the user’s username and password.
  • The user will be prompted to change this password on commencement of employment as they access the system for the first time.
  • If the user will be working with a new PC, laptop or other device, each manager should ensure that the device is set up/processed by the IT Department. The IT Department should be given at least one week’s notice that a PC or other device requires setting up.
  • On commencement of employment, the new user should contact the IT helpdesk to be guided through how to set up their e-mail ‘profile’. For users with limited IT experience, another authorized individual can help with this.


  • Network and e-mail access privileges should be removed when an individual leaves employment with KDCC(or in some cases before) to ensure system security is maintained.
  • Within 24 hours of an individual leaving employment, the individual’s line manager should contact the helpdesk to inform them of the following:
  • The individual’s full name
  • Whether any new e-mails should be forwarded to another account and if so, the name of the holder of this account
  • Whether old e-mails should be transferred to another account or just deleted
  • Whether old files on an individual’s personal folder on the server should be transferred to another account or just deleted.

Once this process is complete the account will be deleted.

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