Environmental , Health & Safety Performance Measurement and Monitoring


To establish, implement and maintain a procedure for monitoring and measurement OH&S performance on a periodical basis and key characteristics of the Operations and activities that can have significant impact/Risk on the Environmental, Health & Safety Management System.

2.0 SCOPE:

 It encompasses all the Activities, Processes Products & Services covered under EHS Management System.


 CFT Members are Responsible for Monitoring & measurement, Investigating Non-Conformance, and taking Corrective & Preventive actions in that particular area.


4.1 CFT Members shall identify the operations and activities that can have significant impacts / Risks on the Environment & OH&S as per Significant Impacts/Risks study procedure and identify the key characteristic to be monitored and measured and inform concerned HOD for monitoring and measurement.

4.2 Concerned HOD’s shall ensure the monitoring and measurement of these key characteristics on a regular basis and recording of information to track performance, relevant operational controls, and effectiveness. Dept HOD’s ensures that both qualitative and quantitative measures are monitored on a periodical basis.

4.3 EHS performance monitoring & measurement plan (EHS-F-06) covers the following points for effective implementation of the EHS Management system.

  • Monitoring of significant Aspects/ Risks
  • Pollution control  norms/Specification as defined by the Ministries
  • Legal requirements & compliance monitoring
  • Monitoring the performance of EHS objectives
  • Monitoring the key characteristics of operational controls
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of established safety controls
  • Performance of proactive measures such as safety controls, operational criteria, work permit (Hot/cold/ working at height), etc.,
  • Reactive performance measures such as near miss, accident, incidents, concerns /complaints from interested parties, EHS non-conformances identified during the audit. The results of the above parameters were monitored on a periodical basis as per the defined plan.

4.4 The Instruments used for EOHS parameters Monitoring shall be calibrated by Calibration (in-house or External). The quality department is responsible for calibration of inspection, measuring, and test equipment used for monitoring and measurement of Environmental attributes and shall maintain the records.

4.5 In case the monitoring and measurement is carried out through the External Agency, the Quality dept shall ensure that the Instruments used by the External Agency are calibrated. Copy of calibration instrument master to be made available for traceability.

4.6 Records related to above are maintained as per procedure “Control of Documented Information”.

4.7 Medical examinations are carried out for canteen & employees involved in dangerous Operations/crane/ forklift operation. Health Plan (HP/HR/27) is prepared by HR which includes all medical checkups to be carried out. Records of such examinations are maintained.


    S. No.Document /Record DescriptionReference No.
1Monitoring & Measurement PlanEOHS-F-06
2Health PlanEOHS-F-07

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