Procedure for Emergency Preparedness And Response-HSEMS


 To promote Industrial Safety by identifying actual & potential emergency situations, respond to emergency situations, and preventing and mitigating the Environmental Impacts & OH&S Risks that are associated with them

2.0 SCOPE:

 Applicable for all the Activities, Processes, and Products & Services covered under the EHS Management System.


Safety Officer


4.1 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY: Safety Officer imparts Safety awareness to all employees through in‑house training as per the need identified by concerned department Heads.

4.2 EHS Policy of the Company has been documented and displayed at salient points in the premises.

4.3 Safety Committees have been formed comprising of Operators & CFT to review / initiate actions on the following:

  • The accidents that occurred during immediate past and the safety measures that are taken to avoid recurrence of such accidents.
  • The requirement of any new personnel protective aids for the safety of the workmen.
  • Preventive measures to be taken to eliminate unsafe conditions and unsafe acts.
  • Organizing national safety day and initiating safety training classes if required etc.,

5.4 Safety Officer prepares an On-site emergency manual to meet the Emergency situation including a contingency measures Plan that briefly demonstrates the immediate reaction to be initiated by the ERT members & employees during the identified actual & potential emergency.

5.5 Onsite emergency manual is the guideline for declaring/deciding

  • Emergency Situations
  • The authorized person
  • Duties of Emergency Response Team, individuals, and Departments.

5.6 Safety Officer conduct Mock Drills once in six months by involving relevant interested parties to evaluate the effectiveness of mock drills & respond to the identified emergency situation & shall keep the mock drill records ( EHS-F-01).

5.7 Corrective and Preventive actions in respect of industrial safety are taken on the recommendations of the department of Factory Inspectorate.

5.8 Apart from the above, trained internal EHS auditors shall carry internal audit once in six months. The recommendations from these shall be reviewed and implemented as appropriate.

5.9 Inspection of Lifting Tools & Tackles, Pressure vessels, Cranes, Electrical Installation, FO storage under the Explosives rules are organized as per the statutory requirements and the records maintained.

5.10 ERT Members shall Review the Onsite Emergency plan, particularly after the occurrence of Emergency Situation and after periodical conduct mock drill. ERT shall decide the possible changes needed to the Emergency Plan. Safety Officer shall arrange to modify the documents, in view of the above.

6.0 Document/Record reference

S. No.Document /Record DescriptionReference No.
1.List of Emergency Response Team MembersEHS-ML-18
2.List of Personnel Protective EquipmentEHS-ML-20
3.Mock Drill FormatEHS-F-01
4.List of EmergenciesEHS-ML-19

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