Example of Disaster Recovery Policy

1 Policy Statement

To meet the enterprise business objectives, respond to a major incident or disaster, and restore the organization’s critical business functions, XXX shall adopt and follow well-defined and time-tested plans and procedures. Disaster recovery policy is required to respond to a major incident or disaster by implementing a plan to restore XXX’s critical business functions.

2 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that IT resource investments made by XXX are protected against service interruptions, including large-scale disasters, by the development, implementation, and testing of disaster recovery/business continuity plans (DR/BCP).

3 Scope

3.1 IT Assets

This policy applies to all facilities of XXX that operate, manage, or use IT services or equipment to support critical business functions.

3.2 Documentation

The documentation shall consist of Disaster Recovery Policy, and related procedures and guidelines.

3.3 Document Control

The Disaster Recovery Policy document and all other referenced documents shall be controlled. Version control shall be to preserve the latest release and the previous version of any document. However, the previous version of the documents shall be retained only for a period of two years for legal and knowledge preservation purpose.

3.4 Records

Records being generated as part of the Disaster Recovery Policy shall be retained for a period of two years. Records shall be in hard copy or electronic media. The records shall be owned by the respective system administrators and shall be audited once a year.

3.5 Distribution and Maintenance

The Disaster Recovery Policy document shall be made available to all the employees covered in the scope. All the changes and new releases of this document shall be made available to the persons concerned. The maintenance responsibility of the document shall be with the CISO and system administrators.

4 Privacy

The Disaster Recovery Policy document shall be considered as “confidential” and shall be made available to the concerned persons with proper access control. Subsequent changes and versions of this document shall be controlled.

5 Responsibility

The Disaster Recovery Policy shall be implemented by the CISO / designated personnel.

6 Policy

a. Plans for disaster recovery/business resumption/business continuity shall be developed by organizational management.
b. Disaster recovery/business resumption plans shall be updated at least annually and following any significant changes to computing or telecommunications environment of XXX.
c. Employees of XXX  shall be trained to execute the disaster recovery plan.
d. Annual certification, updating and testing of the disaster recovery/business resumption plan shall be done.
e. A competent auditor shall audit disaster recovery/business resumption plans.

7 Enforcement

Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subjected to disciplinary action in line with the HR Policy.

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