Example of Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy

1.0 Purpose:

Non-disclosure agreements are contracts intended to protect information considered to be sensitive or confidential. Information technology resources shall be used only for intended purposes as defined by XXX and in compliance with applicable laws. All individuals are accountable for their actions relating to information technology resources and shall formally acknowledge that they will comply with the XXX security policies and procedures or they shall not be granted access to information technology resources. All employees will complete a non-disclosure agreement for information technology resources on an annual basis.

2.0 Scope:

The Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy applies to all authorized users who utilize XXX’s information technology resources (including, but not limited to, Employees, workers, temporary employees, vendors, consultants, employees of independent contractors, and visitors.)

3.0 Confidentiality

All employees/ workers/ temporary employees/ vendors/ consultants/ employees of independent contractors, must, from the date of the commencement of employment or other form of engagement, and thereafter, observe strict confidentiality in respect of any information held by the practice, and by each individual working on behalf of the practice. This includes dealings, transactions, procedures, policies, decisions, systems and other matters of a confidential nature concerning the practice and its affairs.
Other than in the proper course of their duties, employee must not, either during or at any time after the termination of their employment, exploit or disclose confidential information. Also, they must not, through negligence, wilful misconduct or inadvertence, allow the use, exploitation or disclosure of any confidential information relating to the affairs of the practice, processes, technology,customers, products , partners, employees, contractors, business partners or suppliers. There must be no attempt to use any confidential information in a manner that may either directly or indirectly cause, or be calculated to cause loss to the business, reputation or compromise Information security.

Non-disclosure of information
It is an obligation upon all employees during employment, or engaged under other contractual arrangements, to maintain information in confidence and not, directly or indirectly, disclose it other than for the purposes it was gathered. Any such information in the possession of an individual, either in electronic format or hard copy, shall be returned to the practice before or at the point in time that employment/contract ceases, however such cessation occurs.
Following the cessation of employment, or other contractual engagement , an individual must not, directly or indirectly, use for gain, discuss or pass on to others confidential information that can be classed as objective knowledge in that it has been gained during the course of employment. This includes information relating to partners, employees, contractors, customers, business, associates, suppliers, market information, contractual arrangements, dealings, transactions, policies, procedures, decisions, technology and systems or other matters of a confidential nature concerning the practice.

Third-party requests for information
Any employee approached by any third party, including any media source, and asked to make any comments or provide any information relating to the practice and its affairs (or the affairs of its customer, partners, employees, contractors or any business associate) must under no circumstances respond without having sought permission and guidance from the practice manager.

Whistle-blowing or protected disclosures
Nothing in this policy will prevent or limit an employee in making a protected disclosure under the practice’s whistle-blowing policy, in respect of any malpractice or unlawful conduct.

Non-disclosure agreement
All persons engaged to work for and on behalf of the practice will be required to sign the following nondisclosure agreement, which will be recorded on their personnel file.


To be signed by any individual employed or otherwise engaged by the practice.
I acknowledge that I have read and understood the confidentiality and non-disclosure policy, dated …………. issued by the practice and I agree to abide by that policy.




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