Procedure for HR and Administration


This procedure is applicable to all the employees of XXX.


The purpose of this procedure is to define the HR guidelines prior, during, and after employment.


3.1 XXX Quality Manual,
3.2 Procedure for Training


HR – Human Resource
PA-Performance Apprisal
DA- Disciplinary Action


The HR Manager is responsible for implementation and management of this procedure.



6.1.1. As an employee joins the XXX, Employment Contract is prepared and approved by DGM
6.1. 2. An employee file is opened as soon as the visa is processed.
6.1.3. Information of employment is given to Finance Department & a copy is maintained in the employee file.
6.1.4. Advance payment is given to the employee.
6.1.5. Issue employee number once the visa is issued.
6.1.6. For payroll purposes, employee details are maintained in the system.
6.1.7. Get bank account details from the employee in case the employee is local and keep a copy of Bank a/c in the employee file.
6.1.8. In case of newly appointed overseas employee arrangements are made for advance payments for settling on arrival, uniform from Stores, Medical checks, Fingerprint, and all the details are recorded in System.
6.1.9. Based on the Project on which the employee is taken as decided by the Concerned Department Head, the Work Commencement Form is filled in.


6.2.1. After the contract with the customer is signed, the Operations Manager advises of no. of employees in Employee Request required as per respective contract.
6.2.2. Check the minimum competency requirements for the vacancy specified. Check for any other specifications.
6.2.3. Choose the mode of recruitment (existing data, advertisement & through personal contacts).
6.2.4. Recruitments are also done through overseas approved agencies and employee requirements are sent to them.
6.2.5. In overseas, the agency collects the CVs from the existing data bank and Scrutinize the CV as per the specification of the Job Description & request made.
6.2.6. Prepare the shortlist for 1st level interview.
6.2.7. Call the applicants for the interview (if available locally), otherwise, arrange a Technical Interview over the phone by the concerned Manager or the consultant in case of the overseas candidate.
6.2.8. In some cases, the HR Manager and Operations manager travel overseas for the interview, salary negotiation, and contract period.
6.2.9. For selected candidates, an overseas agency fills in the Job Application of the selected applicant. Manpower evaluation sheet if filled by the interviewer. The agency then fills in the Acceptance letter (initial contract).
6.2.10. Before processing on visa, the selected employee’s pre-medical report is sent by the agency.
6.2.11. If all these above formalities are complete and the employee arrives, the Employment contract is prepared and signed by DGM.
6.2.12. Get Work Commencement Form when an employee starts work.
6.2.13. All XXX personnel are hired on the basis of their ability to perform acceptable work. This is done by comparing the candidate’s resume, experience, application, etc. against the Competency requirements.
6.2.14. It is not mandatory that candidates meet all requirements if the company can provide subsequent training or other actions to bring the candidate up to the requirements eventually.


6.3.1. Receive the Leave Request application signed by the employee, his/her department head ideally the Operations Mgr.
6.3.2. Check leave balance from system & update leave application by the HR Assistant
6.3.3. Check the reason for the unpaid leave if any.
6.3.4. Leaves calculated automatically through the HRMS system. In some cases, the manual calculation is done for cross-verification.
6.3.5. Enter leave days in the system & mention them in the Leave Request application.
6.3.6. Keep a copy in the file, send the original to the Finance department. Then, get DGM approval.


6.4.1. Receive a Sick leave application from an employee/from the site and the Project manager approves. On application, comments are entered by the clinic/doctor.
6.4.2. Calculate rest days.
6.4.3. Enter sick leave in the System by the HR Assistant attached with the timesheet at end of the month.
6.4.4. Late Permission Request needs to be maintained for special leaves.


6.5.1. Get Leave Return Form from department and updated Leave application.
6.5.2. Check the resumption date & reason if any delay.
6.5.3. Mention late resumption action for delay & send an original to Finance department.
6.5.4. Enter resumption date in system by the HR Assistant.
6.5.5. Keep a resumption copy in employee file.


6.6 1. Send Request for Employee Evaluation to concerned dept. on yearly basis.
6.6 2. Get the Employee Performance Appraisal by dept. Then reviewed and approved by DGM.
6.6. 3. File it to the Remuneration portion of the employee file.


6.7.1. Check for disciplinary actions as per Kuwait Labor Law.
6.7.2. Prepare employee warning notice as Disciplinary Action Form as per concerned department’s instructions/sent from site.
6.7.3. Keep a warning notice copy in file, one original to employee and one copy to Payroll.


6.8.1. Get an employee resignation prepared by the employee.
6.8.2. Approval by concerned division/department head as well as DGM is needed on Resignation Acceptance Form.
6.8.3. Halt the employee salary. Pay salary till last working day and hold indemnity till visa transfer/or pay all dues when return to the home country.
6.8.4. Prepare a resignation memo
6.8.5. Check for other clearances from the employee file
6.8.6. Prepare final settlement based on Final Settlement Form.
6.8.7. Approval on Clearance Certificate needs to be obtained from HODs.
6.8.8. Keep a copy in file & send a copy to Finance & Admin department to proceed final settlement
6.8.9. Removing Passport from serial in case of Resignation/Termination.
6.8.10. Dues to be settled within 45 days from resignation acceptance after visa transfer.


6.9.1. Receive the Passport Request Form from the employee.
6.9.2. Prepare a memo for information & send it to the employee.
6.9.3. When the employee returns the passport then maintain the details in the system.


7.1Work Commencement letter (QMS F 30)
7.2 Employee Option Survey (QMS F 31)
7.3 Application Form (QMS F 32)
7.4 Disciplinary Action Form (QMS F 33)
7.5 Settlement and Clearance Statement (QMS F 34)
7.6 Late permission (QMS F 35)
7.7 Leave Request form (QMS F 36)
7.8 Leave Return form (QMS F 37)
7.9 Letter of Acceptance (QMS F 38)
7.10 Passport Request Form (QMS F 39)
7.11 Resignation Acceptance letter(QMS F 40)
7.12 Customer complaints (QMS F 10)


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