Example of Procedure for Monitoring & Measurement of Customer Satisfaction


This procedure covers activities from the planning stage of the survey up to the presentation of survey results to Top Management and monitoring performance.


To measure customer satisfaction in relation to the company’s quality services by conducting the Customer Satisfaction Survey at planned intervals and ensure continual customer delight.


3.1 XXX Quality Manual,
3.2Customer Related Processes.
3.3 Procedure for Correction and Corrective Action.
3.4 Procedure for Control of Documented Information
3.5 Procedure for Handling of Customer Complaints.
3.6 Procedure for Review of Customer Requirement

a. Customer Satisfaction – customer’s perception of the degree to which the customer’s requirements have been fulfilled.
b. CA – Corrective Action
c. MR – Management Representative


Sales Manager is responsible for monitoring & measurement of Customer satisfaction.


6.1 General

6.1.1 Determine, list customers for submission of the survey based on revenue contribution.
6.1.2 Attach covering letter along with the forms for distribution every 6 months (for discussion with Mgt)Encourage customers to return a response.
6.1.3 Each Customer Survey is assigned a unique number (i.e. Year-XX or 06-01, 06-02, etc.)
6.1.4 Monitor timeliness of response and response rate. Collect all accomplished survey forms after two weeks
6.1.5 Analyzes data by customer, by category, and by rating. The sales Manager gives input in the analysis.
6.1.6 Sales Manager prepares a summary report of the Customer Survey and presents it in the Management Review Meeting.

6.2 Customer Feedback/ Rating :

6.2.1 List all areas rated below satisfaction and set meeting with different Divisions to identify the cause of the problem and prepare action plans and agree on the implementation date of corrective actions
6.2.2 Customer response obtained from customers is reviewed to find out opportunities for improvements. These shall be obtained once a year. Quality rating feedback is also received from customers.
6.2.3 Level of customer satisfaction can be judged through the feedback/rating obtained, also reviewing customer’s perception captured during the visit by/to customers.
6.2.4 Get commitment from concerned divisions to implement necessary action and monitor the effectiveness of each action done.
6.2.5 Decisions and actions must be agreed upon by all parties concerned.
6.2.6 Determine if performance targets were achieved. For unmet targets, corrective/preventive actions shall be initiated to improve customer rating as per Procedure of Correction and  Corrective Action.
6.2.7 Submit complete monthly accomplishment report and performance report to immediate superior every first week of the month

6.4  Delivery Performance Monitoring

6.4.1 Summary of delivery performance shall be prepared monthly.
6.4.2 In case of delivery performance is below target reasons shall be identified.
6.4.3 Necessary actions for improving delivery performance shall be identified & follow-up shall be done.


7.1 Summary of delivery performance(QMS F 021)
7.2 Customer rating (QMS F 020)
7.3 Customer satisfaction survey (QMS F 026)
7.4Corrective Action Report(QMS F 023)

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