ISO 9001:2015 Example of Setting and Monitoring of Quality Objectives

1.0 Objective :

To define a System for setting of Quality Objectives/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitoring them for achievement.

2.0 Scope :    

Relates to Objectives/KPIs for all the key functions of  XXX

3.0 Responsibility:   

  • CEO    
  • Department Heads

4.0     Procedure:

Setting of Objectives /Key Performance Indicators

Management of XXX shall set yearly Business Performance Objectives/KPIs for all the Departments . Department Heads  sets own quality objectives  based upon the KPIs assigned to them by Management. The quality objectives /KPIs fall into 3  broad  categories :

  1. Customer oriented 
  2. Business Process oriented 
  3. Innovation and Learning oriented

            It is ensured that the Objectives are in line with the quality policy.

   Quality  Objectives  for departments

The Department Head of each section/department sets up quality Objectives  and are communicated to all the key members of the team. The objectives include conformity to products & services (quality related ) and enhancement of customer satisfaction. Defined objectives cover:

  •  Measurable targets
  • Time frame to achieve the targets 
  • Plan of action for achievement of the Objectives.

Monitoring of Objectives

Monitoring of  Objectives  is done by Department Heads  and the frequency of review is set by the  Department Head , for each objective / KPI and  are usually half-yearly. The achievement of Objectives is reviewed on a six monthly basis and are recorded in the Objectives Review Report . The objectives review details are consolidated and discussed in the Management Review Meeting attended by the higher Management.

5.0 Records:

  1. Quality Objectives and their Review Records  ( F-08)
  2. Management Review Meeting Minutes. ( F-10)

 6.0 References:  


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