Example of Procedure for QMS continual improvement


The purpose of this procedure is to identify any possible failures or breakdowns, as well as opportunities for improvement.


This procedure applies to continual improvement in the QMS for all identified processes

3.0 Process

3.1 Responsibilities

  • Management Representative
  • Document Controller
  • Process Owner
  • Departmental Head

3.2 Identification and Basis of areas of Improvement

The Management Representative and the respective departmental heads identify the areas for improvement based on the policy and objective of the company. The areas of improvement shall also be based on:

• Corrective Action Requests
• Management review meeting output
• Audit reports
• Analysis of data

3.3 Documentation, Action Plan & Summary of Implementation

The departmental heads and where required the Management Representative shall sum-up all the areas of improvement and shall document the same in Continual Improvement Plan F 005 and the same shall be distributed to all concerned departmental heads. Respective departmental heads shall brainstorm in the departmental meetings the methodology to be adapted and the same shall be implemented and ensured that continual improvement is achieved. Respective departmental personnel shall make an action plan for the areas of continual improvement and the same shall be followed to complete the assignment on time. Respective departmental heads shall sum-up the methodology and the benefit that has been achieved by adapting the continual improvement assignment and the same shall be presented to the management during Management Review Meetings. The continual improvement shall be identified in all areas of operation and effort shall be taken to ensure that the continual improvement is on continual basis.

3.4 Training & Monitoring of Progress/ Effectiveness

Training shall be imparted to all concerned on the concept of continual improvement and the tools to be used to achieve the improvement. Effectiveness of continual improvement assignments shall be monitored and revised periodically and the same shall be discussed in MRM.

4.0 Related Documents

Continual Improvement Plan

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