Example of Procedure for Control of Customer Property


To establish and maintain procedure for verification, storage and maintenance of customer supplied products for conversion, fabrication as per requirements of customer.


To provide a consistent process to identify, verify, protect, and safeguard customer property(i.e. products, materials, tools, software, etc.) maintained at XXX.


3.1 XXX Quality Manual,
3.2Customer Related Processes.
3.3 Procedure for Correction and Corrective Action.
3.4 Procedure For Review of Customer Requirements
3.5 Procedure for Control of Documented Information
3.6 Procedure for Manufacturing.
3.7 Procedure for QA
3.8 Procedure for Monitoring and Measurement of customer satisfaction.


4.1  Customer property: property owned by the customer and provided for use in meeting the requirements of the contract. Customer property can include intellectual property, including customer furnished data used for design, production and/or inspection.


Sales dept is responsible for obtaining information about customer supplied products and communicating to concerned Depts like QA, ADMN, and PROD.


6.1 Involvement of customer supplied products in a contract is clearly brought out by sales in the contract review and concerned Depts. are kept informed through the sale order / work order (W.O).
6.2 On receipt of the product, QA verifies the same in a manner identical to purchased product and communicate acceptability.
6.3 In case of discrepancy, loss or damage observed on receipt:
a) For receipt directly from customer, information is given by QA through sales.
b) For receipt directly from supplier (under advice from customer) information is given by QA to supplier directly for corrective action keeping customer informed through sales for follow-up and ensuring the disposal of complaint.
c) Disposal of any such non-conformity is decided as suggested by customer.
6.4 Products found acceptable are stored at raw material stores. Products are stored with identification, including customer name and issued to PROD when need arises.
6.5 Any difficulty experienced or unsuitability observed during conversion/fabrication is recorded in the raw material inspection register and communicated to the customer/ supplier through sales.
6.6 In case of any adverse reports sales reports to customer for corrective action.
6.7 Damaged or unsuitable products are labeled and stored separately for further disposal as per procedure for Non Conforming product.
6.8 Reconciliation of incoming customer supplied product, dispatch of finished product and available stock is done once a month.
6.9 Customer supplied product is treated on par, with purchased product and procedures for inspection, storage, usage and disposal of non-conforming product are identical in both cases.
6.10 Customer supplied raw materials may be accepted for commercial convenience with mutual understanding on the quality of material supplied. Value of the customer supplied product is adjusted when calculating the price for the finished product.


7.1 Receipt and verification/ raw material( QMS F 070)
7.2 Inspection register – ( QMS F 071)
7.3 Communication of NC, loss or damage. – ( QMS F 072)
7.4 Work order – ( QMS F 073)
7.5 Raw material inspection status label Sale / Works Order – ( QMS F 074)

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