Example of Procedure for Welding Inspectors Qualification & Training


The scope of this procedure is to demonstrate the requirement of a welding inspector   to perform welding inspection for production welding, procedure qualification welding, or performance qualification welding in XXX


  • It is the responsibility of QA/QC In-charge to ensure qualified/trained inspector is available to perform welding inspection
  • It is the responsibility of the Production Manager to ensure the welding is inspected by a qualified/trained welding inspector prior to the next operation
  • It is the responsibility of the QC Engineer to make sure that the welding is inspected by a qualified/trained inspector prior to release.


  • There are three levels of certification in XXX viz:
    • Welding Inspector(WI) – The person who certified in accordance with this procedure by an appointed Certified Welding Inspector or Certified Sr. Welding Inspector
    • Welding Inspector Supervisor (WIS) – A certified welding inspector with AWS or CWISP as CWI or CSWIP
    • Welding Inspector Trainer (WIT) – A certified or Sr Certified welding inspector with at least 10 years of experience in welding inspection


In order to go for welding inspector training the personnel should have the following minimum qualification:

  • A person qualified in NDE in accordance with ISO 9712, EN473, ASNT SNT-TC-1A or Equivalent standard for a minimum of Level 2 in any two or more of the disciplines such as MPI, PT, RT, UT, and VT.
  • A qualified engineer in Mechanical or Metallurgy with at least three years of experience in welding-related works.
  • A Supervisor in welding and fabrication with at least 10 years of experience in welding-related supervision with a level 2 in any of the 2 NDE processes.


A welding inspector shall be trained to do the welding inspection by training and examination in weld visual and understanding various types of defects, method of inspection, in-process inspection, and testing. A Welding Inspector shall be capable of determining weld defects through NDE inspection he is qualified


A welding inspector shall not approve any welding without proper inspection. If any doubt in making a decision about the welding for its acceptance he shall contact the company-appointed welding inspector. In the event, the company appointed a welding inspector or a certified welding inspector the MR shall make arrangements to contact a CSWIP or an ASME Authorised Inspector for consultation.


Production Welding   
Selection of WPS – Material & ProcessXXX
Selection of welding processXXX
Selection of welder/welding operatorXXX
Weld visual – Root, Intermediate and FinalXXX
Weld NDE – Appropriate stages in accordance with the QPX X
Acceptance criteria XX
PQR Welding   
Verify welding equipment appropriatenessX X
Verify edge preparation complianceX X
Verify joint geometry complianceX X
Witness procedure qualification  X
Verify welding procedure qualification compliance  X
Develop welding procedures  X
Preparation of WPS XX
Monitoring & recording dataXXX
Visual Inspection Root – Intermediate and Final XX
Weld NDE Review XX
Witnessing Mechanical/Chemical TestingXXX
Acceptance criteria XX
Performance Qualification   
Witness welder performance qualificationXXX
Verify welder qualification compliance  X
Verify welder qualification records compliance  X
Request welder performance requalification  X
Perform visual examinationsX X
Verify examination procedure compliance  X
Review examination results compliance  X
Develop visual inspection procedures (before, during, and after welding)  X
Provide NDE inspection planning and scheduling (before, during and after a project)  X
Review welding inspection reports  X
Verify implementation of nondestructive and destructive evaluation methods  X
Prepare visual inspection requirements  X
Prepare NDE requirements  X
Report investigation results of quality inspection disputes  X
Prepare destructive testing requirements  X
Verify safety requirements compliance  X
Develop safety procedures & policies  X
Quality Assurance   
Perform audits & surveillance  X
Develop quality assurance pans  X
Prepare base material control requirements  X
Prepare weld consumables control requirements  X
Prepare audit and surveillance plans  X
Prepare documentation control requirements  X
Develop and provide a training program  X
Develop visual inspection training  X
Verify implementation of visual inspection training  X
Develop & provide a training program for the AWI  X
Provide technical leadership for welding inspectors  X
Develop quality assurance training program  X
Verify implementation of quality assurance training  X
Evaluate AWIs performance  X
Evaluate WIs performance  X
Perform inspection results trend analysis  X


  • Welding Inspector Qualification Training Records.
  • CWI – Certification.
  • CSWIP – Certification

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