Example of procedure for Contingency planning


The purpose of this procedure is

  • To make a Plan needed to address risk associated with impact on delivery and quality of product.
  • To prepare and document contingency planning based on the output of the risk assessment made and communicated to all the relevant personnel.


This procedure is applicable to all the following established systems and standards

  • API Spec Q1, 9th edition/ ISO 29001: 2020
  • Related API Monogram Standards (…………..)

Applies to all process which has an influence on product quality and delivery.

Contingency Plan addresses, risk associated with impact on delivery and quality of product.

This procedure is applicable to all the levels of documents pertaining to API Spec Q1: 9th edition.

This procedure applies to the following Quality Management System processes:

  1. Design
  2. Purchase
  3. Production
  4. Quality Control
  5. Stores
  6. Maintenance
  7. Human Resources
  8. Management Representative
  9. Commercial


  • Chairman
  • Management Representative
  • All Process owners


            Risk assessment output


  • Manpower
  • Funds


Contingency planning: An emergency plan prepared to address the significant risk activity generated from risk assessment that impacts delivery and quality of product. This includes the action plan derived to reduce the impact by executing alternate plan with responsibility / authorities with required internal & external communication.

Further the contingency plan works based on the risk criteria associated with Men, Machine, Method, Material and Environment.


XXX maintains a documented procedure for contingency planning to address the risk associated with impact on delivery and quality of product

Contingency planning process:

Contingency planning is derived based on the Risk assessment performed by all the process functions. The significant risk associated with each process are segregated based on the below 5 categories,

  • Men: Human resources is one of the important and mandatory requirement for product realization which includes workmen, staff and managers
  • Machine: A machine is an important resource to meet the required product realization and possible risk like breakdown / out of tolerance is considered in preparing the contingency planning.
  • Method: Risk related to material handling and preservation of the product is considered in method.
  • Material: Risk related to material rejection, delayed shipment from the supplier, raw material shortage are considered for developing the contingency planning.
  • Environment: Risk related to natural disaster and their impact on quality or delivery of the product with required communication is considered.

Actions required in response to significant risk:

In XXX action plan for all the significant risk are derived and the different scenarios are considered to mitigate the effects of disruptive incidents. The details are summarized in Level – 04 contingency plan for significant risk

Identification and assignment of responsibilities and authorities:

In XXX for each significant risk, the responsible person is identified and necessary actions are derived with specified time limit. The details are summarized in Level – 04 contingency plans for significant risk.

Prepare communication matrix for different scenarios with relevant personnel’s:

Communication matrix for the prepared contingency plan is derived based on two categories, Internal and external.


The responsible process head to execute the required contingency plan with required supports from other processes are considered. Further communication to top management is made mandatory for all actions


Communication required for those suppliers, choose to perform the required activity as an alternate source.

Customer need to be intimated on the contingency plan taken to meet the product delivery and quality when there is risk which requires considerable time for normal flow.

The details are summarized in Level – 04 contingency planning for significant risk on development of the contingency planning the same need to be communicated for all the applicable personnel for inciting the actions

The actions plans need to be monitored periodically to ensure the objective is met.

Develop the contingency plan for the scenarios utilizing the available resources

While developing contingency plan all the resources available in the XXX to make the maximum utilization and then only external suppliers are considered.

Management approval:

If there is any need for new resource then, the same need to be taken for management approval

Criteria for revision of contingency plan

The contingency plan needs to be revised when,

  1. There is new risk identified during production review meeting
  2. When there is a major rejection
  3. In situations / events where there is a risk of impact for delivery and product quality.


  • Contingency planning
  • Management of change


Contingency planning for significant risks


Contingency PlanningXXX/MR/19Management Representative

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