Example for procedure for preventive maintenance


The purpose of this procedure is to outline the methodology for the establishment of preventive maintenance for equipment used in product realization and also to be followed for attending any maintenance activities on key process equipment / machinery at XXX.


This procedure is applicable to all the following systems and standards

  • ISO 29001: 2022/ API Spec Q1, 9th edition
  • API Spec ….
  • API Spec ….
  • API Spec …..
  • API Spec …..
  • API Spec …..

Applies to all processes which has an influence on product quality


  • Machine shop Manager
  • Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
  • All concerned process owners


Preventive maintenance plan, Break downs


Trained Manpower, Critical & Regular spares, Consumables, AMCs & Maintenance contracts and Measuring Instruments


  1. The Preventive Maintenance of equipment and machinery is carried out to ensure the continuing process capability.
  2. Machinery is classified as product machinery and Utilities.
  3. Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan has been prepared for product machinery and addressed for all the machines, specified in the Master list of Machines, with requirements for type of equipment is maintained
  4. Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman assigns the work and carries out preventive maintenance as per Preventive maintenance schedule of all machines.
  5. Daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / half-yearly and annual Maintenance checklist is prepared for all the Machines specified in the Master list of Machines.
  6. Using Preventive Maintenance Checking Parameters, all the parameters to be checked, reviewed and approved by concern personnel and are then specified in the Preventive Maintenance checklist.
  7. It should be considered the manufacturer’s recommendations susceptible failures gathered from work experience of the machine.
  8. Breakdown Maintenance to be carried out as per QMS. Breakdown related to critical issue and/or in certain cases where Top Management involvement is required then Breakdown maintenance report to be prepared by Supervisor/Foreman, reviewed by Machine shop Manager and approved by Chairman
  9. Minor breakdowns shall be recorded in the Breakdown Register.
  10. Records of preventive maintenance are maintained minimum of 5 Years.

Preventive maintenance is performed based on Machine Manual, risk, system reliability, usage history, experience, industry recommended practices, relevant codes and standards, original equipment manufacturer’s guidelines, or other applicable requirements.

6.0 Output:

  • Updated Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Updated Preventive Maintenance Checklist.
  • Breakdown Maintenance report & register


Master list of MachinesXXX / MNT / D 01Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of Handling EquipmentXXX / MNT / D 02Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of Preventive Maintenance ChecklistsXXX / MNT / D 03Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of PumpsXXX / MNT / D 04Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of Test StumpsXXX / MNT / D 05Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of Blind FlangesXXX / MNT / D 06Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of DriftsXXX / MNT / D 07Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Master list of MandrelXXX / MNT / D 08Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Preventive Maintenance Checking ParametersXXX / MNT / 01Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Breakdown Maintenance ReportXXX / MNT / 02Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Breakdown Maintenance RegisterXXX / MNT / 03Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Preventive Maintenance ChecklistXXX / MNT / 04Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman
Annual Preventive Maintenance PlanXXX / MNT / 05Machine shop Supervisor/Foreman

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