Example of documentation template for Control of drawing including ECN and ECR in IATF

The following document templates (tool kits) are provided totally complimentary, free of charge to use as a starting point for Control of drawing including Engineering change note (ECN) and Engineering change Request(ECR) in IATF. As each business is different, additional documents or revisions would be required to meet your organization’s specific needs, requirements, context, risk profile, etc. ​​If after reading through all of these documents, you feel like you still need a consulting partner to help you develop your new documents – Contact Us. We’re always looking for interesting new clients and projects.

1.0 Process Approach For Drawing Control , ECN and ECR

2) Turtle Diagram For Drawing Control , ECN and ECR

3) Engineering Change Request

  Engineering Change Request
    Part Name :    Date:
  Part Number/Drg Number :  Deptt: Name ;-
  Request to Dept.Name 
  S.No.  Existing Dimensions/Part  Changes Required  Reasons of changes  Remark If any

4) Engineering change Note

5.0 Drawing Tracker sheet

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