Code of Conduct of the Employees

1.1. This Policy governs the code of conduct to be followed by the employees and describes the actions and follow-ups to be taken by the organization in case of any violations arising if any.
2.1. All Employees on regular rolls, contractual rolls and other outside agency people works under the premises of XXX
3.0 Responsible: Individual
4.1. Code of Conduct needs to be accepted by the employee at joining the same should be filed in their personal file by HR
4.2. In case of violations of the code the violations will be categorized as shown below

Violation CategoryNature of ViolationsActions to be taken by HR
Minor    In ConsequentialNotice / Warning
Work environmentNotice / Warning
Endangering fellow employee/security Notice / Warning
Endangering Company property/securityNotice / Warning
Work environmentTermination
Endangering fellow employee/security Termination
Endangering Company property/securityTermination

Employee Code of Conduct

This code of conduct has been drawn up to imbibe in all XXX employees, certain basic norms of behavior, business dealing, work ethics and values which the organization firmly believes in.

Employees of Company shall:-

• Be punctual and regular in their attendance.
• Refrain from wearing casual or flashy dress or accessories while at work. Only wear the Company Uniform when in company representing at any platform i.e. Customer, Seminar, Outside Trainings etc.
• Refrain from smoking or chewing tobacco in the office premises and outside when on duty.
• Never report to work under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.
• Act both with loyalty and with honesty in carrying out the policy and instructions of the organization and not undermine its image or reputation.
• Use organizational resources available to them like internet, internal network, phones, mobiles, and any other office equipment, cost effectively with a view to optimize their use in attaining objectives of the organization.
• Pay proper regard to the safety and protection of equipment, sample, material and processes committed to their charge. Unless permission has been granted by the management, resources are not to be used for personal purposes.
• Fully observe the confidentiality of information which comes to them in the course of their duties and not use the information for personal gain or in a manner which may be detrimental to the organization.
• Take all reasonable precautions including password maintenance and file protection measures to prevent unauthorized access in order to maintain the security and confidentiality of the system.
• Adhere to proper record management practice and filing procedures and not damage, dispose of, or in any other manner interfere with official documents or files.
• Not engage directly or indirectly with the media and express their opinion about the organization without prior knowledge and authorization of the management.
• Keep reasonable distance in relationships with the suppliers to ensure that it does not influence any business dealings, which may happen subconsciously.
• Not accept any gratification, gifts or commissions from any business associate/supplier. If ever a gift is received, it should be handed over to the human resource department.
• Not undertake any other employment, work or service of profit without previous written permission from the management.
• Act with honesty and integrity while giving any personal information to the company or making any claims. It includes personal information, previous employment details, details of any expense incurred while carrying out the duty or any other information that is required by the management.
• Actively participate in all training and development programs conducted by the organization.
• Treat all members of the organization equally and not harass or discriminate based on gender, nationality, ethnic origin, race, colour and political or religious beliefs.
• Treat all members of the organization with due respect and not indulge in any form of sexual harassment or pass derogatory remark, which affects the dignity of any employee.
• Promote a healthy, safe and nice work environment by keeping the office premises and workstations clean and organized.
• Speak softly and politely to colleagues and on phone in order to maintain an atmosphere of silence.
• Not threaten, intimidate, use abusive language or do bodily harm to other colleagues.
• Refrain from theft, fraud or misappropriation of company’s funds or theft of property of ather employee.
• Conduct ourselves as good citizens in the society we associate with and in the country.

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