Procedure for Identification Of Legal And Other Requirements -EMS


To establish, implement and maintain a procedure for identification of legal and other requirements to which XXX subscribes & to identify how legal & other requirements are applicable to identified environmental aspects &for maintaining access to these requirements covered under the scope of the EHS Management system.

2.0 SCOPE: 

This procedure covers the method to identify and have access to applicable Legal and other requirements related to activities, processes, products, and services of XXX. This procedure applies to all relevant legal and other requirements applicable to the environmental aspects of XXX and its suppliers and contractors. Legal requirements include those specified in legislations / regulations and technical memoranda that are legally binding. Other requirements include contract requirements, business codes, guidance notes, code of practices, other technical memoranda and other practice notes produced by overseas government agencies, client requirements as well as professional institutions.


Legal Team Members (LTM). The legal Team Members consists of EHS MR, DGM –HR, AM-Safety, Officer Admin


4.1 Legal Requirements: These are regulatory requirements as defined by the Central or State regulatory authorities to which the XXX is liable to identify and comply.

4.2 Other Requirements: Any customer-specific requirements, statutory requirements by financial bodies, corporate-specific requirements & any other agreements with public authorities. (Ex: Customer requirements)


5.1 The details of the List of Applicable legal requirement & other requirements to be compiled by LTM, along with the frequency of retrieval and personnel responsible for maintaining the records are defined in the Legal Register

5.2 Head responsible for compliance to legal requirement shall obtain information on the legal requirement, by referring to any of the following agency.

  • Notification from Kuwait Ministries
  • Information in Newspapers.
  • Communication with the National Safety Council and Confederation of Kuwait Industry & Authorized Publishers.
  • Subscription/contact with Kuwait/OHSA Standards, Book Supply Bureau, etc.
  • By referring to various Factories Acts & Rules Book
  • Through visiting the website to get information on the latest updates and also through member

5.3 The application for renewal of Consents / License /Authorization under Government statutory requirements shall be submitted in advance as specified in the Acts / Rules. Renewal frequency mentioned in the list of legal & other requirements may subject to change/alter as per Notification / Intimation from the government authorities from time to time. Responsible persons shall communicate relevant information on legal and other requirements to all concerned.

5.4 The following are the other requirements pertaining to the Environmental aspects of the activities, processes, products & services, which are to be complied with:

  • Customer Specific Requirements – Marketing & Quality Departments are responsible for receiving the requirement from the Customer and forwarding it to the concerned department to ensure fulfillment.
  • The statutory requirement by Financial Institutions – Some of the financial institutions, Banks, Insurance companies may require the organization to comply with certain statutory norms. The finance dept. shall identify and comply with those requirements and they are responsible for receiving and responding to the fulfillment of the above.
  • Corporate specific Requirements – MR shall identify any corporate-specific requirements and incorporate the same and periodically check for compliance.
  • Agreement with public Authorities – Public authorities like social bodies OR Industrial development authorities may require the organization to comply with their requirements. HR is responsible for receiving and responding to ensure fulfillment of such requirements.

5.5 Legal & other requirements applicable to environmental aspects are determined during significant Impact Aspect study. Description of legal requirements & how legal & other requirements applicable to environmental aspects s are also described in the significant Impact study.

6.0 Document / Record reference: 

S. No.Document /Record DescriptionReference No.
1.Legal RegisterEHS-RG-01
2.List of Legal Team MembersEHS-ML-14

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