Procedure for Identification Of EHS Objectives, Targets, and Programs


 To establish, implement & maintain a procedure for setting EHS objectives and targets and developing the EHS Management Programme for achieving Environmental, OH&S objectives and targets.

2.0 SCOPE:

Applicable to the activities, processes, products, and services of XXX covered under the scope of EHS Management Systems.


Respective Dept Heads.


 4.1 Objective – Overall EHS goal arising from the EHS Policy that an organization sets itself to achieve, and which is quantified where practicable.

4.2 Targets – Detailed performance requirement, quantified where practicable applicable to the organization or part thereof, that arises from the EHS objectives and that needs to be set and met in order to achieve those objectives.

4.3 EHS performance – measurable results of the EHS Management System, related to an organization’s control of its environmental aspects / OH&S Hazards, based on its EHS policy, objectives, and targets.


5.1 List of significant aspects (EHS-ML-07), List of Significant Risks & unacceptable Hazards (EHS-ML-13) is prepared based on the significant Impact / Risk assessment.

5.2 EHS MR, Dept heads shall review the significant aspects/Hazards and consider for setting as objectives.

5.3 Also whenever an Aspect/Hazard is leading to a Business concern, management can decide on taking it as an objective as policy decision along with the other set objectives.

5.4 EHS objectives and targets are established within the context of XXX and are decided based on:

  1. EHS Policy – Objectives to be in line with the stated EHS Policy
  2. Legal and other requirements- whether the aspect/Hazard is a legal Requirement and present status with respect to the consent /legal Requirement.
  3. Technological options – whether it is technically possible to reduce the Scale of the Aspect/Hazard
  4. Financial requirements- whether a financial budget is available for Implementing the necessary change
  5. Operational requirement – what will be the operational control to reduce the impact/ risk
  6. Business requirement – whether the objective will be important from the business point of view.
  7. Views of interested parties – Views/concerns of interested parties and what should be the control and whether it will be beneficial for them.

5.5 The reviews of the above considerations are recorded in the establishment of EHS objectives (EHS-ML-15). CFT shall be involved in setting the EHS objectives.

5.6 Wherever financial sanctions are required, EHS MR shall discuss with Managing Director for obtaining necessary approvals/sanctions.

5.7 CFT shall maintain Establishment of EHS Objectives, Targets & Programme(s).

5.8 EHS objectives and targets shall be established for each relevant function by CFT. An up-to-date list of objectives and targets shall be maintained by EHS MR.

5.9 The list of EHS objectives and targets (EHS-ML-15) shall be communicated to all the relevant personnel for effective implementation of action plans and achievement of targets.

5.10 EHS objectives and targets shall be reviewed every year, if applicable, in light of new regulations, new projects and commitments, and changes in operations and updated.

5.11 The CFT shall develop a detailed EHS Management programme for achieving the objective. The programme shall detail the responsibility, time frame and the action plan by which the EHS objectives can be achieved. The Management Director shall approve the EHS Management programme. (EHS-F-02)

5.12 EHS MR shall review periodically, the progress of activities detailed in the programme for implementation and its effectiveness. In case of any deviations or changes required in the programme, CFT shall amend the programme in consultation with MR & it shall be discussed during Management Review Meeting for final approval and updating the documented programme accordingly. Progress of Management Programme shall be recorded in the Management Programme monitoring report every quarterly based on the target of Management Programme. (EHS-ML-08)

5.13 The status of the EHS objectives and Management program shall be reviewed by CFT whenever there is a project related to new or modified activities, processes, products, or services.

5.14 The progress of the Management Programme is monitored activity-wise and details are recorded. Once the EMP is completed, the status of completion is recorded in the MP closure report (EHS-F-04) and operational control / Work Instructions shall be established if required for monitoring.

5.15 The status of the EHS objectives and Management programme shall be reviewed in Management review meetings.

5.16 The EHS policy and objectives shall be reviewed and revised based on the progress, changing circumstances and as a commitment for continual improvement.

6.0    Document / Record reference:

S. No.Document /Record DescriptionReference No.
1List of significant Aspects and ImpactsEHS-ML-07
2List of Significant Risks & Unacceptable HazardEHS-ML-13
3List of EHS Management ProgrammeEHS-ML-08
4List of EHS Objectives.EHS-ML-15
5Management Programme closure reportEHS-F-04
6EHS Management ProgramEHS-F-02

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