OCP for Machine Safety

1.PURPOSE: To minimize the accidents while operating the machines

2.SCOPE: This  is applicable to the whole plant

3.RESPONSIBILITY:  Departmental HOD’s


  • Responsibility: Operator/Supervisor
  • Safety Precautions to be taken while using Compressed Air
  • Ensure proper training is given to operator on machine operation as well as its emergency switches
  • Ensure PPE list is available on each line and check its condition.
  • Ensure proper condition of hand tools.
  • Display list of Fire Fighting team who are trained on safety, fire fighting & first aid.
  • Ensure easy availability of First Aid Box with medicine list.
  • No operator shall work without safety shoes.
  • Ensure that all valves are shut during non-use period and are secured to the port correctly with no gap.
  • Ensure conveyor crossing by using the cross-over ladder only.
  • No blade or sharp knife should be used without a proper & safe grip.
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