Procedure for establishing Operational Control


To provide a documented methodology for identifying operational controls for the identified significant Aspects/ Hazards to improve and/or control where their absence could lead to deviation from the EHS Management system.

2.0 SCOPE:

 Applicable for all the significant processes, activities covered under the scope of EHS Management System at XXX.


 Concerned Department Head


4.1 Operational Controls – The planning and carrying out of operations and activities should be in such a way that they are conducted under specified operating conditions. Operational controls may be documented through the use of work instructions, operational procedures, or manual codes. Examples of operational controls for handling, storage & disposal of Hazardous waste.


5.1 The list of Significant Impacts / Risks becomes the major input for the setting of operational control procedures. All significant impacts / Risks are considered for conducting a study on the establishment of objectives and operational control procedures. CFT members carry out this study.

5.2  For all those activities calling for an operational control procedure, the respective operational team members ensure that the operational control procedures are prepared and followed in the area of significant impact/risk.

5.3  Operational control procedures are also made for activities significantly interacting with the environment/safety eg:  D.G sets, Hazardous waste handling & disposal, etc.

5.4  These procedures include instructions for controlling Environmental Aspects / OH&S Hazards relating to the operations carried out at XXX.

5.5  These procedures are also applicable to sub-contractors/suppliers at XXX where their absence could lead to deviation from EHS objectives and targets.

5.6  These operational control procedures are prepared to carry out the operations associated with the Significant Impact/ Risk in a controlled manner.

5.7  The Dept HODs approve operational controls. The details of operation Control Instructions / Work Instructions are available with respective departments. A Master List of Operation Control procedure is available with EHS MR.

5.8  Operational controls are also established wherever hazards & risks associated with changes.

5.9 Controls related to purchased goods, types of equipment & services including contractors & visitors related to the workplace. Environmental aspects & OH&S Hazards will be identified by CFT for the purchase of goods & services. For significant, control methods will be established and the same will be communicated to concerned suppliers.  At security Information on the EOH&S system will be given for the visitors and the supplier visiting XXX for the compliance with EHS management system.

5.10 Communication of Operational Controls to Employees:

The respective Implementation team members shall identify the employees who undertake the activities and operations associated with the operational controls and ensure that the requirements and operating criteria are communicated to and understood by them. For employees, this may be undertaken by including the operational controls in the training needs analysis or communication programs.

5.11 Communication of Operational Controls to Suppliers:

The respective team members shall identify the contractors, suppliers, members of the regulated community, and other members of the public who undertake activities associated with the operational controls.  Requirements for these suppliers shall be communicated. For suppliers who are members of the regulated community, requirements may be communicated through letters / verbal mode wherever required.

6.0 Document / Record reference: 

S.NoDocument /Record DescriptionReference No.
01.Master List of Operational Control ProceduresEHS-ML-17

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