OCP for Transporters and Vehicle Owners


To instruct & to ensure the care to be taken related to Environment and Occupational Health & Safety by transporters & other vehicle owners.


This work instruction is applicable to all vehicles belongs to Transporters, Employees, XXX owned and visitors, etc. and for the vehicle stationed at the company premises.


HOD – Admin is responsible for ensuring that all the above-mentioned vehicle owners and transporters adhere to this work instruction.


HOD – Admin ensures the following

  • Every employee vehicle has valid PUC certificate.
  • Regular transporter should submit a copy of valid PUC certificates
  • Regular transporter should submit a copy of valid licenses/permits etc.
  • Others should have a valid PUC certificate for their vehicles & driving license.
  • Driver for company vehicles should also have valid PUC certificate and Licenses.
  • Finished goods transported to be covered under insurance.
  • All company vehicles to have R.C. /T.C. Book.
  • Ensure periodically servicing to ensure there is no oil leakage for regular visiting vehicles.


  1. All employees riding on two-wheelers should wear safety helmets while driving.
  2. All drivers & employees should strictly adhere to traffic rules.


Sr. NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpec.Freq. Of monitoringMethod of monitoringResp.Record
1Vehicles entering plant premises are Non-pollute.Pollution under control Monthly Valid PUC Certificate. HOD – AdminRegister for monitoring PUC certificate
2Periodical review for oil leakageNo oil leakageThree MonthManualHOD – AdminNo Record

6. RECORD REF.: Register for monitoring PUC certificate.

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