OCP for Grinding Operation

Purpose: This procedure is to be used as Operational controls during grinding operations

Scope:  Grinding Opeartion

Responsibilities:       Operational: Operators

                                  Supervisory: Shift supervisor

                                  Overall:  Production In-charge


 Points of Operation:

  1. Wear face shield, Hand Gloves, Respiratory Masks, safety shoes and Earplugs before starting of operation.
  2. Keep the work pieces properly on the table.
  3. Switch on Exhaust Fan.
  4. Carryout grinding wherever required.
  5. Ensure that there are no open electrical panels or wires, flammable materials near the working area.
  6. Ensure that the sparks (if any) does not affect the neighboring process or personnel. 
  7. Ensure that machine guards are used wherever possible.

Points of Checking

  1. Carry out Dust level monitoring once in a year.
  2. Conduct Noise level monitoring near grinding area once in a year.

Actions in case of deviations:

  1. If any problems observed inform shift supervisor immediately.


  1. Health checkup Records
  2. Noise and Dust level Monitoring Records

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