OCP for Visitor Care


To instruct visitors for care to be taken for Environment, Health & Safety.


This Work Instruction is applicable for all visitors entering the XXX premises.


HOD Safety


  1. HRD/Safety person will inform security to provide PPEs.
  2. Security informs the concerned HOD /Employee regarding the visitor.
  3. If a visitor wants to enter in the production area, will use Safety shoes, safety goggles, mask wherever required.
  4. If the visitor wants to enter any other restricted area like welding, forging area, D.G. room, etc. take required PPE from concerned Dept.head.
  5. Nobody shall allow smoking inside company premises.
  6. Visitors will return back the PPE to concerned Dept Head while leaving the factory.


Sr.NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpec.Freq. of MonitoringMethod of monitoringResp.Record
1PPE used by visitors.Required PPE should be used by visitors.DailyVisualHOD SafetyNo record

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