OCP for Sand Blasting

Purpose: This procedure is to be used for Sand Blasting

Scope:  Sand Blasting

Responsibilities:     Operational: Operators

                                 Supervisory: Shift supervisor

                                 Overall:  Production in-charge


Points of Operation:

  1. Wear Hard Hat, Goggles, Gloves, shoes and Ear-muffs before starting of operation
  2. Hang the work pieces properly on the hook.
  3. Operate the switches in proper sequence.
  4. Sandblast the jobs for specified duration.
  5. Follow work – rest cycles to keep body cool
  6. Do not run around in the sand blasting area.
  7. Drink cool water frequently and intake minimum of 8 glasses / day
  8. Keep the cables, hose pipes in designated areas after sand blast.

Points of Checking

  1. Carry out the Maintenance as per Preventive Maintenance Checklist
  2. Carry out Audiometric test for operators once in a year.
  3. Conduct Noise level monitoring around sand blasting area once in a year
  4. In case of sand storm, rain or high temperatures (50 degrees and above), the sand blasting is suspended.

Actions in case of deviations:

  1. Inform supervisor in case of deviations
  2. In case of Heat stroke or Exhaustion
  • Move victim under a shade and allow fresh air.
  • Apply Ice over body
  • Call for ambulance


  1. Preventive Maintenance
  2. Health checkup Records
  3. Noise Monitoring Records

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