OCP for Housekeeping and Air Quality Monitoring


To instruct & ensure the care to be taken to provide good housekeeping and Air Quality Monitoring at the entire premises of XXX.


These work instructions are applicable for carrying out housekeeping and Air Quality Monitoring activities at XXX


HOD Amin is responsible for ensuring that the housekeeping contractor will practice this work instruction.


HOD Admin ensures:

  • Instruct contractor to employ the sufficient number of persons for covering all the areas viz. shop floor, offices, utilities, toilets, & garden.
  • Availability of sufficient no. of mops, cleaning soap, other toiletries with the contractor.
  • All areas are free from cobwebs & dust.


HOD Admin ensures the following:

  • All contractual personnel wears their safety shoes, other PPEs, and proper uniform while working.
  • While using a ladder or cleaning the places above six feet/ sufficient care is to be taken i.e. two persons stand below, holding the ladder when one person is working at height on the ladder. Person climbing high is supposed to use safety belt.
  • Stacking of material in the scrap yard up to the safety mark or wall height.
  • Usage of hand gloves by contractual personnel while handling burr or any other hazardous wastes.
  • Use of disinfectants like phenyl in the office area for proper hygiene.


Carry out housekeeping of various areas as per the frequencies mentioned in the chart below

AreaType of CleaningCleaning Frequency

Utility area, stores, Security room, Office blocks, shop floor

Departmental office, receptionSweepingDaily
toiletsMopping with phenylDaily
Portable water storage tanksMopping after emptyingOnce in a month
Shop floor lightsSweeping / CleaningOnce in a month
Water coolerEmptying & cleaning with soapOnce in a month
A whole company ( for insects, pest)Spraying of pesticidesOnce in six months
GardenCutting, trimming & housekeepingAs & when instructed by a consultant
ToiletCleaning of blowerMonthly
  1. After cleaning the floor with soap water, collect the scrubbed water with vacuum cleaner & let out this water to drain line which in turn goes to outside channel.
  2. After mopping & sweeping up the area, all contractors should follow the work instruction for Segregation & disposal of solid waste.


Sr.NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpec.Freq.Of MonitoringMethod of monitoring Resp.Record
1Ambient Air QualitySO2-80µg/m3
RSPM- 60µg/m3
Once in a six monthsExternal LabHOD HRDReport form External Agency
Stored in safety dept.
2Work zone Air QualitySO2-5 mg/m3


NOx-TWA 6 mg/m3


Once in a six monthsExternal LabHOD HRDReport form External Agency Stored in safety dept
3Ambient Noise LevelDay time-75dBA max.
Night time-70 dBA max.
Once in three monthsExternal LabHOD AdminReport form External Agency Stored in safety dept
4Work Zone Noise level90 db A max for eight hoursOnce in three monthsExternal LabHOD AdminReport form External Agency

 6.0 RECORD REF.Reports from External Agencies.

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