OCP for the Collection, Transportation, and Disposal of Garbage


a) To collect paper boxes / corrugated boxes, polythene bags, etc from all factory area.
b) To transport the garbage to scrap yard area
c) To dispose of the garbage


XXX plant operation


HOD Admin


1Communicate the guidelines to the service contractor to follow environment-friendly practices:-
– Provide adequate material handling equipment to the contractor.
– Impart training on environment-friendly practices to housekeeping operator.
HOD  Admin.
Housekeeping contractor
2Collect paper box/corrugated box, polythene bags, etc from all factory area.Housekeeping Contractor
3Ensure that there is no spillage of garbage during collection and transportation.Housekeeping Contractor

a) Ensure that trolley does not get overflow because of the excess collection of garbage.
b) Transport the garbage to scrap yard for further disposal. During transportation, ensure that there is no leakage /spillage of garbage from the trolley.
c) At the time of sale of garbage, ensure proper collection of garbage i.e. no spillage.
d) Supervise the collection activity and report the weight of the vehicle (garbage collected) to the Materials department.
e) Communicate guidelines on environment-friendly practices to garbage contractor/transporter.
f) Invite /inform the contractor for collection of garbage.
g) Ensure that proper housekeeping is maintained in the scrap yard.

Housekeeping Contractor

5. Checking, Corrective and Preventive Action.

In case of any deviation in the above activity, Sr.Officer (Admin) shall initiate appropriate corrective and preventive action.

6. Related Documents

Guidelines for contractor /Transporter.

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