OCP for Working in confined space area

Purpose: This procedure is to be used as guidelines for working in confined space area.

Scope:  Working in confined space area

Operating Criteria:   Operator Health and Safety


Points of Operation:

Points of Checking

  1. Authorized person to conduct a survey of  workplace to determine if any confined spaces exist and to determine the presence of physical or atmospheric hazards.
  2. The written procedure developed for confined space entry must be strictly adhered to and a competent personnel’s advice must be sought where ever required.
  3. Notification of a Confined Space entry will be made to the HSE Coordinator or HSE MR and/or designated responsible persons which is a part of the permit to work system.
  4. Confined Space Entry Check Points to be verified with a safe entry and Fix up the anticipated time or Validity of the Permit, Entry personnel and Attendants list.
  5. The concerned area owner must  verify and communicate to the entry personnel regarding all the hazards and risks involved in the job that he would be taking up prior to assigning him the job.
  6. All persons expected to work in or near confined spaces are trained or must receive training.
  7. The required precautions to be taken while carrying out the assigned job have to be checked and communicated to the entry personnel prior to beginning the work.
  8. Rescue Plan to be prepared before Entry so that those who are to enter the Confined Space can be brought out safely in the event of an emergency.  
  9. Where appropriate, arrangements are made to periodically test the efficiency of the rescue plans by conducting emergency practice exercises.
  10. Display the work permits in the notice board till the completion of activities.
  11. After the completion of the task the person working ensures that Plant / Equipment are left in safe condition.
  12. Any isolation pertaining to the work / Equipment has to be removed / cancelled.
  13. Obtain the formal acknowledgement from the operator in charge or Issuer  for acceptance and Closure of Work Permit
  14. As per the Permit Check points

Actions in case of deviations:

  1. Do not enter if oxygen level is low or high & inform shift supervisor immediately.
  2. Do not enter in case of any traces of toxic gases or combustible gases.


  1. Work permit for Confined Space Entry
  2. Permit Renewal
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