OCP of Handling, Transportation, and Disposal of Hazardous Waste


To aware & know handling and disposal methods of hazardous waste.

  1. SCOPE:

This work instruction is applicable to hazardous wastes generated at all process, activities, and services at XXX


HOD will ensure that contractors and scrap vendors practice these work instructions.


    1. Hazardous wastes generated from different operations are stored in identified bins at the waste generation points.
    2. The hazardous waste collected at various points as described above is shifted to scrap yard / identified place manually.
    3. Ensure that there is no spillage of scrap/waste during collecting and shifting of scrap/waste to the scrap yard.
    4. The hazardous waste/scrap generated at various points, method of storage, handling, and disposal along with personnel responsible are as detailed below:
1.Empty barrels of OIL, grease, Paint, Chemicals used etc.Stored in the scrap yardManualDisposed to the authorized scrap vendorHOD PUR
 2.Oil socked sawdust,  oil socked cotton waste, oil socked metal scalesStored in the scrap yardManualDisposed to the authorized vendorHOD PUR
3.Metal waste, broken m/c parts, used & broken wheels etc.Stored in the scrap yardManually by using hand glovesDisposed to the scrap vendorHOD PUR
4.Waste oil mixed with waterStored in barrelsManually, forklift use while transportingDisposed to the authorized vendorHOD MAINT/ HOD PUR
5.Waste oil (hydraulic and lubrication oilStored in barrelsManually using rubber glovesDisposed to the authorized vendorHOD MAINT/ HOD PUR
 6.Scraped BatteriesStored in the Maint.StoreManualDisposed to the  authorized scrap vendorHOD MNT
7.E-wasteStored in the scrap yardManually by using hand glovesDisposed to the scrap vendorHOD PUR
8.STP SludgeStored in pitsManually with hand glovesIn-house disposal for gardening activityHOD/ HRD
9.ETP sludgeClosed concrete pitManually by using hand gloves & plastic binsTo be Disposed of  to the authorized vendorHOD/HRDProspecting department
  • Concerned department in charges will ensure on a daily basis there is no mix up of scrap/waste during collection & storage. In case of such mix-up, he will arrange for segregation. He also should ensure that while handling any type of scrap there should not be any spillover on the ground.
  • The Collected Hazardous waste will be disposed of in Eco-friendly manner with Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd and all the requisites will be followed as per Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2008, while disposing of the Hazardous Waste Material.
  • Ensure the availability of fire extinguishers near the storage of Hazardous waste.


Sr. NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpec.Freq.of MonitoringMethod of monitoringResp.Record
1Disposition Empty drumsDisposal to the authorized dealerMonthlyRecord of Qty. shifted to scrap yardHOD STRRecord sheet
2Disposal of –
a)      Waste oil.
b)     Scraped Batteries
Disposal to the authorized dealerEach disposalRecord of Qty. being disposed of.HOD STRRecord of Qty. disposed.
3Disposal of ETP sludgeDisposal to MEPL/ authorized dealerEach disposalRecord of sludge generationHOD HRRecord of Qty. disposed

6.0 RECORD REF.: Report / Invoice on waste/scrap sold

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