OCP for Control and Monitoring of Stationary Consumption


To instruct & care to be taken for controlling excessive consumption of stationary.


This work instruction is applicable to all employees who are involved in documentation.


HOD Admin is responsible for ensuring that the consumption of stationery is in the limit.


Following are the sources for consumption/wastage of stationery.

  • Unwanted Xeroxing.
  • Unnecessary printouts.
  • Use of fresh paper for rough printing.
  • Excessive procurement of printed stationery.

4.1 Instructions For Control and Monitoring of Consumption of Stationary.

  • Create awareness in the employee through signboards.
  • Ensure e-mail used for internal communication.
  • Ensure both sides of paper used for rough printing.
  • Issue soft copies only of procedures, manuals wherever possible.
  • Monitor consumption of stationery by monthly stationary issue record and take necessary action if found excessive.


Sr.NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpec.Freq. of MonitoringMethod of monitoringResp.Record
1Consumption of stationary.Rims of  A4  size paperMonthlyMonthly consumption record.ADMIN.Monthly consumption record.
  • RECORD REF.: Monthly stationary consumption record.


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