OCP for Compliance of Regulatory Requirements

1. PURPOSE: To prepare and submit applicable consent as per regulatory requirements.

2. SCOPE: plant operation

3. RESPONSIBILITY: HOD Admin / Safety manager EHS

4. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: Records of regulatory compliance.


01From the registers of environmental rules and regulation, identify the application areas where consent is required.HOD Admin
02Gather the information to furnish in the consent and prepare the consent.Sr Officer, Admin
03Review the consent for its adequacy with the help of Management representative.HOD Admin
04Obtain the approval of the CEO / HOD Admin on the consent as applicable.Sr Officer, Admin
05Submit the consent to regulatory authority as per prescribed frequency/time limit.Sr Officer, Admin
06Receive” the consent” from a regulatory authority.Sr Officer, Admin
07Review the consent granted with the consent applied. In case of non-receipt of the same, make the necessary follow-up with the regulatory authority.Sr Officer, Admin
08Re-submit the consent as per frequency.Sr Officer, Admin
09Following are the identified areas where consent is required.


a) Factory license
b) Accidents register.
c) Building stability certificate.
d) Hoists, lifts, and tackle reports.

Sr Officer, Admin


In case of any deviation in the above activity, Sr.Officer Admin shall initiate appropriate corrective and preventive action.


  • Register of applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Factory license.
  • Accidents register.
  • Building stability certificate.
  • Hoists, lifts, and tackle reports.


Name of recordIndexing OnRetention PeriodMaintained by
Factory licenseDatePermanentHOD Admin
Accidents registerDatePermanentHOD Admin
Register of applicable legal and Other requirementsPermanentEHS MR
Building stability certificateDatePermanentHOD Admin

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