OCP for Sanitary Maintenance


To instruct & to ensure the care to be taken related to Environment, OHSAS by Admin Dept


This is applicable to canteen contractor and other agency who looks after all canteen activities like getting hygienic good food from outside, serving, cleaning of utensils & canteen area for the employees of the company, in all shifts.

3. RESPONSIBILITY: HOD Admin is responsible for this work instruction.


  1. The wastewater from the bathrooms and toilets are to be properly drained.
  2. In no case the soak pit to be made near the underground tube well or the open well.
  3. The bathrooms and toilets are cleaned every day.
  4. The toilets must have proper ventilation systems.
  5. There should be adequate ladies toilet for lady employees.
  6. The drinking water is to be treated before use.

5. RECORD REF.: Six Monthly Audit Record by HOD Admin. Drinking water analysis report every six month

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