Employee HSE Recognition and Reward Procedure

1.    Purpose:

To provide opportunities to recognize and reward Employees for their contribution, commitment, towards Health, Safety and Environment.

2.    Scope:

This procedure encompasses all XXX’s staff, workers and contract workers.

3.    Definitions:

  • Incident

Occurrence arising out of, or in the course of, work that could or does result in injury and ill health

  • Near miss / dangerous occurrence

An incident where no injury, ill health or death occurred, but there is potentiality to occur the accident or ill health in case of not tacking corrective action, (i.e. unnecessary moving of vehicles and equipment in the work space and there is no safety measures applied, unsafe materials handling, improper lifting system & etc.)   

  • Awards

In the context of this Procedure, Awards are defined as formal recognition of achievements by Employees. It typically involves a planned event or presentation where Employees are recognized by the XXX for their HSE achievements.

4.    Process:

A safety award scheme will be implemented to recognize employees who contribute above their normal duties as an employee in keeping the site, themselves and other personnel safe from injury or ill health. Categories of safety award and recognition may include the following:

  • Safety leadership – anyone who shows leadership or takes the initiative to ensure the safety of themselves or others Safety initiatives/improvements/suggestions
  • Near miss reporting
  • Towards enhancing HSE culture and improving human behavior XXX shall initiate campaigns e.g. Work-At-Height, Hand Safety, Beat the Heat etc. throughout the year to raised awareness among workforce.
  • Campaign plan and safety award program will be aligned to the organization’s strategic vision and planning.
  • To acknowledge the contributions that employees make in fostering a culture of health and safety in the workplace a quarterly recognition award will be held on site.
  • All essential criteria shall be met in order to be eligible for an award which include the following
  • Demonstrated commitment to health and safety in the workplace. Commitment goes beyond the requirements of the employee(s) role, it is proactive and preventative. Works towards continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace. For example activities/actions taken to prevent injuries or illnesses, prevention of unsafe conditions or practices. Promote a work and service environment that is respectful, collegial and supportive

4.1 Formal recognition – Excellence Awards

Formal recognition of Employees’ contribution, commitment, and service is provided through a variety of Excellence Awards, usually presented at a formal event.  Excellence Awards normally consist of a financial grant and a certificate. Excellence Award categories are provided in the Employee Excellence Awards Schedule.

4.2 Application, assessment and approval process

4.2.1 Application

All Employees are eligible to apply for any Excellence Award. Each Excellence Award will be given to the applicant who best meets the selection criteria for each Excellence Award as outlined in the relevant guidelines.

4.2.2 Individual Evaluation Criteria- Annual Awards

Best HSE PerformanceWeight
Participation in HSE Activities30%
 Percentage of HSE observation raised15%
HSE knowledge and skills15%
 Familiar with his HSE roles and responsibilities15%
HSE initiatives and suggestions15%
Participation / conducting related HSE training and toolbox talk10%
Best HSE RepresentativeWeight
HSE Knowledge and skills30%
 Commitment and close-out of actions and tasks in timely manner30%
Communication and consultation20%
Participation in HSE Activities10%
 Participation and conducting related HSE training and toolbox talk10%
Best Fire Warden WeightWeight
HSE Knowledge and skills30%
Commitment to demonstrate his role & responsibility30%
Communication and consultation20%
 Participation in fire inspection/ drill/ training20%
Best HSE SuggestionWeight
Innovative suggestion50%
Scope of the suggestion (organization level, department, area, etc.)20%
Resulting improvement from implementing the suggestion30%
Best HSE AuditorWeight
HSE Knowledge and skills30%
 Communication skills / Timely submission of Audit report15%
 Conduct audit as per Audit Schedule ( in timely manner)15%
 Commitment and close-out of actions and tasks in timely manner20%
Provide support toward closing out the audit findings10%
 Number of Audits Performed10%
Total100 Assessment

All applications will be reviewed by an appropriately constituted assessment panel.

Panels will normally consist of a minimum of three members and will contain an appropriate gender mix.  Any panel member who supervises, has nominated, or acts as a referee for, a candidate for the Excellence Award must declare their Conflict of Interest and not participate in deliberation or voting in relation to that nominee. The assessment panel will evaluate the merits of all Excellence Award nominations against the relevant selection criteria and provide a recommendation to the Health and Safety in charge for approval.

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