OCP for Shearing

Purpose: This procedure is to be used as guidelines for operating shearing machine.

Scope:  Shearing machine.

Responsibilities:       Operational: Operators

                                    Supervisory: Shift supervisor

                                    Overall:  Production in-charge

Operating Criteria: Physical Safety and Noise Level


Points of Operation:

  1. Wear Hard Hat, Gloves and safety shoes before starting of operation
  2. Always use cranes for lifting & placing of sheets from racks or stored location onto shearing machines.
  3. Make sure that materials used for shearing are free from any fatty or organic substances on their surface to avoid work accidents and prevent gas pollutants diffusion.
  4. Set stopper to the required length.
  5. Ensure that hands are away from cutting blade before operating foot switch. 
  6. Restrict the movement in the marked area during cutting operation.
  7. Always wear gloves for material handling.

Points of Checking

  1. Carry out the Maintenance as per Preventive Maintenance Checklist
  2. Conduct Noise level monitoring around shearing area once in a year.

Actions in case of deviations:

  1. If any problems observed inform shift supervisor immediately.


  1. Preventive Maintenance
  2. Noise Monitoring Records

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