Procedure for Resources, Roles, Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority.


To define, document, and communicate the roles, responsibilities, authorities, and accountability necessary to facilitate effective Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management through EHS implementation.

2.0 SCOPE:

 Applicable for the activities, products, services, policies carried out within the organization and included within the scope of the EHS Management System at XXX.




  • EHS MR –Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Management Representative. The EHS MR is the head of the CFT and has overall responsibility for the Department’s EHSMS.
  • HOD – The Head of the department.
  • Role – The position title.
  • Responsibility – The duties associated with the title.
  • Authority – Defined decision-making level.
  • Accountable – Overall responsible
  • Resources – Includes staff, time, money, and tools.
  • CFT –Cross-Functional Team.


The implementation of the EHSMS is structured as indicated in the manual. The following Teams are identified for effective implementation of the EHS Management system.

  1. Cross-Functional Team
  2. Legal Team
  3. Audit Team
  4. Emergency Response Team
  5. First Aid Team
  6. Safety Committee

Roles, responsibility, authority, and accountability

1.Managing Director:

  • Overall responsibility for the performance of the Organization
  • Overall responsibility & accountability for the EHS System, directly or through a nominated executive
  • Chair and Management Review Meeting
  • Define the EHS Policy
  • Review and approve the EHS System manual and its amendments
  • Ensures adequate resources are available for effective implementation
  • Appoint Management Representative
  • Approval of Purchase Orders for capital items
  • Overall accountable for continual improvement of EHS Management system

2. Cross-Functional Team:

  • Preparation of objectives and targets in consultation with Top Management
  • Conducting departmental reviews
  • Coordinate in providing resources for departmental elements of EHS.
  • Providing direction to the department on the design, implementation, and maintenance of EHS
  • Resolving corrective action issues
  • EHS MR is accountable for the effective implementation of EHS MS
  • Identify training needs for personnel directly reporting.

3. Legal Team:

  • Identify applicable legislation and other requirements.
  • Evaluate Legal compliance
  • Communicate the legal noncompliances
  • Hold review meetings on a legal requirement.
  • Update with latest legislations / amendments.
  • DGM-HR is accountable for compliance with EHS legal & other requirements.

4. Audit Team:

  • Conduct Internal audits as per the audit schedule
  • Generate audit reports
  • Verify the audit closure
  • EHS MR is accountable for conducting audit & NC closure

5. Emergency Response Team:

  • Review emergency response & preparedness manual
  • Train the people for emergency response
  • Conduct the role during the mock drill
  • To see the entry of unauthorized persons is restricted to areas.
  • To check whether Fire Extinguishers are provided at appropriate places and are tested periodically.
  • To check persons working are using proper PPE’s
  • To train the personnel over the safety & to identify key areas where safety is necessary
  • To identify safe assembly area
  • Impart safety awareness to all employees through in-house training as per the needs identified.
  • To check whether safety instructions have been prepared and displayed at relevant places through Operation control Instruction for use of Safety Personal Protective Equipment.
  • To see all the effectiveness of the emergency preparedness
  • An emergency response team has been constituted with Personnel from all departments to review / initiate actions for identified potential Emergency situations identify through the significant Study.
  • To co-ordinate with respective Functions head for identifying different types of emergency situations and prepares an “onsite emergency plan” which briefly describes the action to be taken by the employees during identified emergency situation internally.
  • To prepare an evacuation plan & to describe the plan for evacuation from the emergency area and to identify gathering point
  • To prepare mitigation actions after the emergency
  • To organize Mock drills or Mock exercise, to test the Onsite emergency plan for the different identified emergency situations.
  • To make sure the Mock Drill records are maintained by the Safety Officer. To decide the possible changes needed in the emergency plans.
  • The safety officer is accountable for compliance with Emergency preparedness and response

6. First Aid Team

  • The team should regularly monitor medicines availability in the box.
  • The First Aid personnel shall take care of the injured persons and in case of an emergency condition.
  • The First Aid persons should take care that the injured persons are shifted to the hospital in time.
  • Admin Officer is accountable for maintaining adequate first aid medicines, providing first aid to injured personnel.

7. Safety Committee:

Safety Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in three months. The minutes of the meeting shall be recorded. Safety Committee shall have the right to be adequately and suitably informed. Functions and duties of the safety committee shall include-

  • Dealing with all matters concerning health, safety, and environment, and to arrive at practical solutions to problems encountered.
  • Creating safety awareness among all the workers.
  • Undertaking educational, training and promotional activities.
  • Discussing reports on safety, environmental and occupational health surveys, safety audits, risk assessments, emergency and disaster management plans and implementation of the recommendations made in the reports.
  • Carrying out health and safety surveys and identifying the cause of accidents.
  • Looking into any complaint made on the likelihood of imminent danger to the safety and health of the workers and suggesting corrective measures and
  • Reviewing the implementation of the recommendations made by it.
  • Incident investigation results & review of the effectiveness of the action taken.
  • Safety Officer is accountable for conducting safety committee meeting.

The activity wise responsibilities are as shown below

S. NoActivityResponsibility
1Appointing a Management RepresentativeManaging Director
2Selection of CFT MembersEHS MR
3Review and approval of PolicyPrepared by EHS MR, Reviewed &  approved MD
4Conducting Initial Review & Significant Impact / Risk AssessmentCFT
5Setting up objectives and targetsEHS MR & CFT
6Establishing Management ProgramEHS MR & CFT
7Approval of Management ProgramManaging Director
8Identification of Legal and Other RequirementsLegal Team
9Providing resources for Implementation  Managing Director
10Identifying training needsCFT
11Organizing Training HR Department
12Internal CommunicationAs per defined Procedure
13External Communication
14Document ControlEHS MR
15Operational Control Measurement & MonitoringCFT
16Emergency preparedness and responseSafety Officer & ERT Members
17Review of Procedures after emergencyERT
18Calibration of InstrumentsQA Deputy Manager
19Handling and Investigating NC’sEHS MR & CFT
20Initiating Corrective and Preventive actionEHS MR & Resp Dept HOD’s
21Maintaining RecordsCFT
22Conducting AuditTrained Internal Auditors
23Conducting Management ReviewManaging Director

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