Occupational Control procedure for Crane and Hoist Chain Operation

Purpose: This procedure is to be used as guidelines for crane operation

Scope:  Overhead Crane and mobile crane operation.

Responsibilities:       Operational: Crane operator

                                    Supervisory: shift supervisor

                                    Overall:  Production In-charge


 Points of Operation:

  1. Qualified persons are authorized to carry out the crane operation and Heavy equipment License.
  2. Wear Safety Shoes, Hard hat & hand gloves.
  3. Ensure there is no horseplay like zigzag movement & movement of hook in pathway etc.
  4. Do not park Equipment in the machine working areas
  5. Do not lift more than specified load, use each crane 25% less than safe load . No people movement should take place during operation of crane.
  6. Do not leave the load left suspended and unattended.
  7. Wherever possible lift the objects at a lower height.
  8. Perform under the supervision during critical lifting operations.
  9. Control swing of load using guide rope.

Points of Checking

  1. Record any incidents or unsafe conditions in Incidents / Unsafe condition board.
  2. All the Cranes should be inspected & certified by authorized competent authority once a year for Safe Load.
  3. Carry out preventive maintenance as per preventive maintenance plan 
  4. Conduct eye check up once a year for crane operators.

Actions in case of deviations:

In case of any deviations or nonconformances observed, inform shift supervisor immediately.


  1.  List of Qualified crane operators
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Health checkup & eye test reports.

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