OCP for Working at Height

Purpose: This procedure is to be used as guidelines for working at heights.

Responsibilities:       Operational: Person working at height

                                    Supervisory: Shift supervisor

                                    Overall:  Production Superintendent

Scope:  Working at heights (above 2 meters from solid ground) like Repair / Maintenance of Electrical fittings, overhead crane and storage / Retrieving of items from racks and store.


Points of Operation:

  1. Only trained persons to carry out the work at heights.
  2. Wear Safety Shoes, Hand Gloves & safety belt.
  3. Barricade the area below.
  4. Always hook lanyard above the shoulder level.
  5. Do not work at heights alone. Always have personnel at the bottom to communicate and supervise the activity.
  6. Take work permit before working at height from authorized person
  7. The authorized person
    • Conduct a survey of their workplace to determine to determine the presence of various hazards and risks.
    • Communicate to the personnel regarding all the hazards and risks involved and required precautions to be taken while carrying out the assigned job in the job that he would be taking up prior to assigning him the job.
    • Conduct Inspection of the worksite as per the check points to confirm its safe condition.
    • Fix up the anticipated time or Validity of the Permit, Entry personnel and Attendants list.
  8. After the completion of the task the person working ensures that Plant / Equipment are left in safe condition.
  9. Any isolation pertaining to the work / Equipment has to be removed / cancelled.
  10. Obtain the formal acknowledgement from the operator incharge or Issuer  for acceptance.
  11. Always store the ladders and scaffolds in designated place.
  12. Identify all the ladders and scaffolds with unique identification number.
  13. Do not carry tools while climbing.

Points of Checking

  1. Check as per points mentioned in Work Permit

   Actions in case of deviations:

  1. If ladder condition is not satisfactory do not use the ladder.
  2. If any problems observed inform shift supervisor immediately.
  3. Record any incidents in incident / Unsafe condition board


  1. List of authorized persons.
  2. Work permit for Working at Heights
  3. List of Ladders and scaffold
  4. Incident reports

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