OCP for Handling, Storage, and Distribution of Diesel/ Furnace Oil

1. PURPOSE: To define the procedure for handling, storage, and distribution of FO/furnace oil/diesel.

2. SCOPE: Stores

3. RESPONSIBILITY: Section In-charge Stores


Sr. No. Activity Responsibility
1During unloading of furnace oil / FO from the tanker, ensure no leakage/spillage. No unloading of diesel or FO during nighttime.Supervisor
2Before unloading, clamp the hose properly.Truck Driver/Supervisor
3During the transfer of oil / FO to the service tank, ensure no leakage/spillage from the supply pump – pipeline – joints – valves.Supervisor/Operator
4Ensure that the pump is switched off before overflowing from the service tank.Operator
5Furnace oil / FO/Hydraulic oil storage area is a prohibited area. Do not allow smoke /light/fire in the zone.Supervisor/Operator
6In case of any fire hazard, take appropriate corrective actions. Refer procedure for fire fighting, manual of fire fighting.Supervisor/Operator
7Obtain a license for the storage of petroleum products from the regulatory authorities.Section In charge.
8Arrange to check of periodic integrity of the FO storage (underground) tank from the chartered engineer. Frequency – once in 5 years. Maintain the records of checking.Section In charge.


Section In-charge Stores shall ensure implementation of the above procedure. In case of any deviation, initiate corrective and preventive action.


The license of storage of petroleum products under Petroleum act 1976 rule 140 (Petroleum class C)


Records of periodic checking Of FO, Furnace oil, Storage tank

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