OCP for Controlling & Monitoring Of Electrical Energy

1.PURPOSE: To provide the guideline for control & monitor the consumption of electricity

2. SCOPE: This is applicable for the consumption of electricity for Total lighting load



Daily readings under office area, canteen area, Training area, security area are reviewed & if found abnormal, then immediate corrective actions are taken by HOD Admin. After reviewing the collected data, HOD Admin analyses per product electricity consumption on a monthly basis. Abnormal trends are further analyzed for corrective actions & control measures suitable to the area.


Electrical consumption is controlled by the following methods:

  • Awareness training amongst the employees.
  • By Brainstorming in the user groups
  • By promoting different ideas from employees regarding energy conservation
  • Display boards like “Save Energy”, “Switch-off lights & fans before leaving the place”, “Switch-off cooling tower & compressor in lunch & dinner time”.
  • Daily monitoring of electricity consumption units by all In charge of HR.


New consumption levels are assessed by the HOD MNT and the results are compared with targets. The successful solutions are continued whereas unsatisfactory solutions are reviewed for improvements

Sr. NoThe parameter to be MonitoredSpecFrequencyMethodResponsibilityRecord
1Review of Consumption at an office area, canteen area, security area, and training hallIdeal Power FactorMonthlyDaily Consumption RecordHOD MNTReview Record

6. RECORD REF: Electrical consumption records in various areas.

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