OCP for Forklift

Purpose: This procedure is to be used as guidelines for Forklift driving.

Scope:  Fork lift driving

Responsibilities: Operational: Forklift driver

                             Supervisory: Shift supervisor

                             Overall:  Production Incharge


 Points of Operation:

  1. Fork lift should be operated at maximum speed of 15km/h
  2. Forklifts should be operated by qualified persons only.
  3. Wear Safety Shoes & Hard hat.
  4. No horses play like zigzag movement, carrying people on fork should be done while operating the forklift
  5.  Do not allow standing on the suspended load.
  6. Do not lift more than specified limit of equipment and operator to be aware of height clearance.
  7. Keep lad close to ground and should not block operators view.
  8. Parking to be done at designated place and not inside the shop floor.
  9. Keep the vehicle in locked condition during parking.
  10. Always keep the keys in Office in the designated area.
  11. Switch ON Head lamp during night operation.

Points of Checking

  1. Check for battery charge lever – Weekly
  2. Check horn – Monthly
  3. Check reverse horn – Monthly
  4. Check ON & OFF Switch – Monthly
  5. Check brakes – Monthly
  6. Check hand brake – Monthly
  7. Check Left & Right indicators – Monthly
  8. Check Head light – Monthly
  9. Check Tyre condition – Yearly
  10. Certification by competent authorized persons once a year.

Actions in case of deviations:

  1. If any problems observed inform shift supervisor immediately.
  2. Record any incidents in Incident / Unsafe condition board / Record


  1.  List of Qualified fork lift drivers
  2. Preventive Maintenance

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