Procedure for Competence, Training, and Awareness.


To establish, implement & maintain a procedure to ensure that all the personnel is trained appropriately to the requirements of Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management System including those whose work may create a significant impact / Risk on the environment and safety.

2.0 SCOPE:

 This procedure also applies to all permanent, contract employees & personnel working under the control of XXX, whose job may affect the functioning of the Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management System.


 HR Manager


 4.1 Training – Includes all forms of training such as on-job experience and background education, programmed training, or EHS training.

4.2 Awareness – This refers to awareness on Environment & Safety Management System.

4.3 Competence – All employees or personnel working for or on behalf & under the control of XXX whose jobs can affect the Environmental, Health & Safety should be competent. This means that the education, experience, and training requirements for that job must be defined and the employee must meet the requirement.


5.1 At XXX, training is conducted across the organization for various topics as covered in the training plan. This is to ensure that the employees are made aware of:

  • The importance of conformance with the Environment & Safety policy and organizational objectives derived to meet the policy.
  • The control methods derived to reduce the significance of the significant environmental aspects & OH&S Hazards identified in the area.
  • The preparedness for potential emergency situations.
  • Environmental Impacts / OH&S consequences actuals or potentials of their work in case of deviations and appropriate corrective actions for the same.

5.2   Competency, Training & Awareness:

Employees working or working on behalf & under the control of XXX in the areas where significant Aspects/Hazards has been identified are trained to build competency for handling the significant Aspects / Hazards. MR / HR retains the records of competency. Core Team members of the department within the scope of EHS shall be responsible for assuring that the appropriate training, awareness, and competence requirements have been defined and met. The associated records of competency are retained by the HR / MR as relevant for fulfilling the requirement of competency (PER-FR-06)

5.3 Identification of Training Needs and Training Calender:

The training needs (PER-FR-01) pertaining to the Environmental, Health & Safety Management system are identified:

  1. At the start of the implementation of the EHS Management System – a training plan is derived for all departments where the common topics of training are identified. The Core Team must make sure that adequate resources are available to allow the employee to receive all appropriate training. If adequate resources are not available, the Core team members must develop a plan for completion within a reasonable time frame.
  2. Activities with Significant Impacts / Hazards
  3. Operation control procedures
  4. Incidents that have discrepancies
  5. Emergency Situations
  6. After Audit from its observations
  7. Change in the management system, Introduction of new product/process/ services, which has significant aspects / Hazards.
  8. Induction of new employees based on the skill/competency requirements of the person.
  9. Change in responsibility is based on the skill evaluation, which is kept as the base to analyze his functional competency against the requirement for the relevant function or position.
  10. Based on the competence defined for specific significant process/activity.

Annual Training Calendar (PER/FR-02) will be prepared based on the above-mentioned points. After the conduct of training, attendance records are maintained. Training programs are conducted based on the responsibility and ability of the personnel, language & literacy. Competent personnel/ Agency / qualified trainer will conduct the training on the EHS Management system. The effectiveness of training will be evaluated by the concerned dept HOD. If found not effective re-training will be planned & associate records will be maintained by concerned dept Head.

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